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Parents should Avoid

Discipline Mistakes more parents should avoid. Seeing your pre-teen successfully into her teenage years can be overwhelming. You may make many mistakes. Fixing them should be something you start working on immediately. Don’t wait until your child is a teenager. To make amend your discipline strategies.  what you can do to steer clear of making them.“There’s nothing more complicated — or fragile — than the relationship between parents and their children. It’s like no other relationship and no one tells you how to make it work. Either you find your way or you don’t.”
Michael Thomas Ford

7 deadly Discipline Mistakes more Parents should Avoid

7 deadly Discipline Mistakes more Parents should Avoid

  • Not  Standing United

Letting your child play you against your partner is a sure-fire way of cementing some very bad habits in your child. Talk to each other  about the way you prefer handling the discipline. If you disagree, look for the middle ground and be sure to cover all the angles.  So that you are not caught unawares by your teen. 

Deadly Discipline Mistakes

  • Guilt tripping your child

Steer clear of this. It’s emotionally scarring and has far-reaching effects that last well into adulthood. The consequences take a lot of effort on the part of the child to undo later in life. If you think you’re a guilt-tripper, try talking to your child about it. Ask her how she feels.


Being consistent is not something that comes naturally to everyone. But studies show that children do well with boundaries. It’s not too late to start being firm and consistent.  Positive disciple techniques should be firm with no and your yes at all time.


You may be surprised to find that something you thought was completely innocent, like telling a white lie, can actually break your child’s trust in you. When trying to raise a truthful child, it’s recommended that you teach them that a lie even a white lie. You’ll have to tell the truth too. You will have to decide as a parent what is and isn’t acceptable. and be sure to revert to point number 1. Always consistent with your teachings.


One of the easiest ways of teaching your child good behavior is to model good behavior. A practice-what-you-preach method can strengthen your child’s trust. In your parenting and show them directly what you expect of them.

7 deadly Discipline Mistakes more Parents should Avoid

7 deadly Discipline Mistakes more Parents should Avoid


You are the parent, you have years more experience and you have been given the gift of raising your child. Don’t let your teenager  get the better  through manipulation rules into a “more acceptable” version of hers. Man-up so-to-say, and stick to your guns.


Your child should be allowed certain freedoms and she even has a right to some. They should, however, be within boundaries. Be clear about the boundaries you set. For example, she may be given the freedom to express herself, but she should NOT be allowed to do so explicitly. Respect and consideration should be foundation of her liberties.

Parenting is  an adventure and you’re not quite done yet. If you’re feeling low or having an hard time disciplining your child. Remember to be patient and persevere. What you would like her to be to the world and show her that respect and compassion is always the way