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Negative Behavior Accept 

Change yourself. Do you have a habit or a particular behavior that you don’t like or that affects your life? Most of us do, but only a few try. It’s a common myth that people can’t change. We do, in fact, on a regular basis. As we grow up or age, or meet with different people, or get through a various challenges in life. You can also Change behavior by accepting your life.  In order to be more effective at play, more successful at what you do. Simply happier in your everyday life.

Change Negative Behavior Accept

Change Negative Behavior

I’m Positive

To change the way you behave, you need to start with being aware. Identifying the problem is the first step to solving it. Try not to think along the lines of “I want to be happier or more successful” – focus on one particular aspect of your behavior.  Once you’ve identified the core issue. Your ready to start working on it.  I’m Joel OlsteenThe next step is finding the motivation to change. This is usually a simple step: if you believe there’s a problem, you’ll be more likely to be motivated to fix it. Set your eyes on the goal and try to understand how your behavior affects the people around you and not only you in particular. This will help motivate you in the long-term and make the change more permanent.

Change negative behavior to happy accept love yourself

Change Negative Behavior Accept

Negative Behavior Accept Change

Negative or positive  feedback helps you to Identify your triggers  what makes you behave in this undesirable way.  What usually precedes what surrounds you when you feel tempted to return to your old habits? Try to avoid these triggers. Order to create new behavior pathways in your brain. Its best if you already have some healthy new replacement habits for your old behaviors  for instance, reading a book or taking a bath. Every time you feel the urge or feel like you might succumb to the temptation, engage in your “safe” habits instead

Change Negative Behavior Accept yourself
Finally, don’t beat yourself, if you don’t succeed at first. Engage in random, but regular acts of Self-Care and Self-compassion. Your unwanted behaviors and bad habits are usually a way to manage stress and anxiety. Treat yourself well and learn to love yourself, so you can have a healthy way to deal with stress. You can also try to engage in yoga or other meditative techniques to lower your anxiety and help yourself feel calmer and happier.