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Change Outlook in life by looking at another view. It’s so easy to get caught up in negative feelings about yourself, situation, or other aspects of life. But did you know that so often what you think of yourself is not what others see? Pass your own feelings  onto others and the people you meet for the first time. How to change your views is a question so many teens ask and even though it may seem like a difficult thing to do. There are actually a few small changes that you can make to get really big results.Change Outlook

Change Outlook

Try picking up a different pair of glasses.

They used to teach this in primary schools back in the day. I remember this part art project, part life skills development lesson very clearly. We were given the materials to make a pair of glasses. We could choose which color plastic paper to use for the lenses. After we were done and everyone was chuffed with their excellent work, we were asked to look through our glasses and tell the teacher what we saw.

Change Outlook today

Excitedly, the whole class started chatting about the green and the blue and pink colors they were seeing. We would ask to see out of friend’s pairs of glasses so that we can see their colors too, seeing what they were seeing.

Choose to see

Then the teacher told us that this is exactly what life is like. You pick up a pair of glasses, and you decide on the lenses you put in this pair of glasses. If you choose to see life from an angry point of view, life will be an angry experience for you. If you choose to put disappointment lenses in your pair of life spectacles, then you will see disappointment.

That doesn’t mean that you will never again have experiences that will make you feel indifferent, but the way you choose to see it is what could make all the difference to your personal happiness through your teen years.

Change Outlook

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Change Outlook

Act on things

By now you must have heard someone say: “be proactive in your life”. As cliché as it is, people say this because it’s an excellent way of taking your life into your own hands and making sure it goes in the direction you want it to. Acting, and taking responsibility for your feelings will help you be more confident in who you are as a person, and this will change the way you view yourself, and your circumstances. Smile more

Change Outlook

 A good laugh will ease the tension you feeling, and hey, you might even enjoy it. If you’ve run out of reasons to smile, maybe it’s time to make a reason. Smile, just because it will help you feel better, see life clearer and it will draw people to you.We don’t always have a say on what happens to us, but we do have a say about the way we choose to view it and react to it. Changing the way you see things is one step closer to being a super successful teen.