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Cops Nurses Protecting Serving Selfless! They may not wear the same colored shoes. But cops and nurses face similar experiences and problems in their professions. While both lines of work can be extremely rewarding. Considering their life saving and problem solving nature they can also get fairly frustrating. short letter for frontliners english of respect, distressing working conditions and limited authority. Walking the walk of a public servant may not be as easy as it sounds.

Respect Deserve

What police officers and nurses do for the people may never equal the pay and lack of respect that they receive. They often travel in the same boat: they serve, they protect.  Both get easily overlooked for a job well done. How many times do you remember saying “Thank You”.  Greeting the ward nurse as she took your blood pressure and temperature readings. Cleaned your wounds, or escorted you to the toilet? Or do you remember wishing the police officers a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year” as they guarded the streets during the parades?

Cops and Nurses Protecting and Serving Selflessly

Cops Nurses Protecting Serving Selfless!

Nurses are the grunts of healthcare. Like cops are the grunts of law enforcement. As you head on to thank the surgeon to have saved your friend’s life. Remember to thank the nurse. As it is the nursing staff that runs to and from to make blood arrangements. Resuscitate a losing patient, and stand by the operating table  to ensure a continuous heart beat and a controlled blood pressure. say to a nurse

Cops Nurses Protecting Serving Selfless

Everyday ones on the scene, last ones to be appreciated

You can definitely not think twice on this one. As soon as you ring 911, you know there will be a bunch of police officers and medical staff to help you in your time of need. You can never expect a police commissioner to come to your rescue. Or a senior physician to attend you as you lie in the Emergency Room. Cops and nurses are the first one to reach an accident.  Or emergency, scene, and they deserve to be credited for their urgent response to call to actions.

Cops Nurses Protecting Serving Selfless Everyday

People give them flack most of the time. If you look into a thesaurus, you might as well find the words criticism. Complaint, and hard time to be  nursing and policing. Despite the challenges and struggle. go through every day.

These life savers never get the limelight

While it may be a common sight to have a doctor share his success story. A groundbreaking transplant on the news. How frequent is the nursing staff accredited for providing  strong support.  In a similar manner, as police commissioners often make headlines. Police  seldom get a mention for their team spirit and acts of kindness and deeds.