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Can’t stop feeling anxious!

 Anxiety depression: Feeling anxious or sad is normal. Every human being experiences these emotions several times in a lifetime. However, if feelings of fears  causes your child to be depressed. If it affects their activities of daily living. And drastically changes their ability to function. Which makes them unable to lead a normal active life. Such as, socializing with peers. Due to crippling fearful thoughts. It is abnormal. Your child may need to see a therapist. “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Dealing with Anxiety Depression not what everyone expects.


Constant worrying causes apprehension.  Scared  of the unknow can overwhelm us to the point on panic. These are signs of anxiety depression. It affects a person’s behavior and emotions. In some cases, it can also manifest physically in the teen. Nervousness can be mild or severe. It can be debilitating and disrupting. The teenager may become extremly agitated.  They become so anxious it is difficult for them to function in school. They may have breathing difficulties and sweating profusely at times.

Dealing with Anxiety Depression

Different types of Anxiety Disorders you need to know.

  • General Anxiety Disorder is a chronic condition that causes a person to worry constantly. The person can’t pinpoint exactly what they are worrying about.  Which  impact on their relationships and daily activities.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder causes a person to feel fearful. Teen with this disorder usually avoids public situations.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is another form of anxiety. That is characterized by unreasonable compulsions. Such as walking in a certain pattern, or repeated hand washing. Obsess about cleanliness.
  • Separation Anxiety causes a person to panic. Responding inappropriately to being separated.
  • Panic  is a condition. The patient experiences panic attacks. These attacks are sudden and can cause feeling dizzy or nauseous.  It can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.


Clinical Depression and anxiety causes.

Major depressive disorder is another common mental illness. This disorder causes extreme sadness and loss of interest. Things you used to be actively participating in. It causes changes in your behavior and thought process. Often, depression is caused by a life event, but it can also be caused by a variety of medical conditions

Anxiety, depression what to expect.

Symptoms include:

  • Having trouble sleeping.
  • Slowed movement and speech.
  • Hand wringing or pacing.
  • Racing thoughts.

Dealing with Anxiety Depression.

Dealing with Anxiety Depression

 Anxiety and depression causes in teens.

You might easily dismiss this as normal. School environment causes stress in youths. But it can often result in depression. As well as, anxiety. High school students experience stress daily. They especially fear failing. Everyday stress can manifest through the headaches. Or continuous stomach aches. These children become so anxious. And often more reluctant to go to school. Which causes panic attacks just by the mention of school. Fear can make your teenager develop irrational habits. can make your teenager develop irrational habits.

 Anxiety Depression treating the condition requires patience.
Your child may require long term therapy. Seeing a psychiatric one time. Is often not enough to treat the disorders. Mental illnesses should not take lightly. It is a serious condition. That requires immediate treatment. Its important to know that depression and anxiety are two separate disorders. Although the majority of teen suffer from depression. They also struggle with symptoms of anxiety. These kids are going to need your love and patience.