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How to deal with difficult Friendships

 Deal with Difficult Friendships and still keep your sanity is hard to do. A question we would like to know. At some time in your life. You’ll have to encounter people who are hard to please. Whether it’s your teacher,  grandmother, the store assistant or even a sibling. Nothing is as challenging. As dealing with  difficult people whom you love.

Why is it so hard?

Dealing with a difficult friends can mess with your peace of mind. Taint your trust in the world. “When someone shows you who they are believe them. The first time.” ― Maya Angelou or else they will continue to hurt you.

How to deal with difficult Friendships

How to Deal Difficult Friendships

So how does a difficult friend cause chaos in your life? If you’re unhappy and running around after someone who really couldn’t care less. There is another thing to take into consideration. Though, and that’s the fact that sometimes what we experience as being painful is our own expectations not being met. My friend is difficult so, Now what?

Can you  deal with overbearing  Friendship

  • Always believe people when they tell you the truth.

If your friend has proven to you that she, or he, is not really a good friend. A friend won’t make you feel bad. Multiple actions against you such as talking behind your back. Not caring about your feelings when its obvious you are hurting. Being controlling and never listening then you know the truth.

How to Deal Difficult Friendships

  • Think from more than one perspective.

It can be so frustrating always having to look at life from another person’s views. Just to keep the peace. But it is worth it. I know you might feel like someone needs to see it from your outlook. Sometimes and it can be tough if your friend doesn’t do that for you. That brings me to the next point…

 Difficult Friendships

  • Don’t let your friend bully you.

You’re emotionally stronger than that. For years, depression was seen as a condition of the weak spirited. I say it’s nonsense. Anyone who struggles with Mental illness and still make it through every day. Is stronger than most people will ever know. That kind of tenacity takes willpower. Even if you don’t think you have any. Your life is proof of it.How to Deal Difficult Friendships

How to deal with difficult Friendships

Be Honest If your  buddy keeps doing things to you that you’re just not happy about. Like talking over you. Not giving you a chance to grow. Always stealing your ideas  and never apologizing or taking credit for all the thoughtful things you do. And putting you down. As if you can never come up with anything good. All those things break your morale. A confidant is someone who should be building you up. But sometimes you have to do that for yourself because, Its time for a change.

Too difficult for Friendships

We always think of bosom buddy as being the comforter. Every now and then, a great supporter is someone who can teach you to have a bit of backbone. Take the opportunity to learn from a trying friend. Start standing up for your feelings.

How to deal with difficult Friendships

Does it mean our friendship has to end?

No way! Not at all. You will need to be honest with yourself. And ask  if you can handle more of the treatment. You’re getting and whether  your expectations are too high. Somethings are just in people’s nature. Being a true friend means that you accept that to some degree. After all, someone has to be a friend to challenging friend too. What better person than you who knows how it feel. To be an outcast. By the very people you thought love you.

Deal with difficult Friendships

Your pain is real, trust me. Being ill-treated by a friend is one of the hardest pills to swallow. But friendships don’t have to die over ill-treatment. Especially if the issue has not been addressed yet. If you can’t take anymore and you want out. Be sure that your difficult chum knows why. Perhaps this will turn around or not. You can only try. Being sensitive comes with more than a handful of perks. You have the wonderful ability to understand many things and many people…instantly