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Family Closeness

Family bond closeness at times can seems challenging. We all know how fundamental family is to our health, both physical and mental. Parents and guardians try their best to keep everyone happy and healthy. And the best way to do that is to nurture a close relationship. Family bonding and support are needed to get us through many of the crises we face. This can be hard as individual family members grow and change, and as circumstances shift.  

Family Bond

Family Bond

The good news, however, there are ways to help promote better relationships during these times. Don’t let this discourage you from trying to keep everyone together, though. It can be can be rough to support your family, especially when you’re a single parent.

Family Bond

Family Bond closeness

As a matter of fact providing for your family’s material needs is never enough. Their emotional wellness have been just as important and your closeness and openness with family will get you through these trying days. . After all, a strong familial relationship lessens the risk of serious mental health conditions like depression. 

Family Bond things to do:

Reading is a great pastime activity for family bonding. Especially if you have young children. Not only, but also it’s a good idea to read together. Starting as early as infancy can encourage a lifetime love of books. Don’t just read, though; discuss what you’ve read. Ask your children, their opinions, and encourage them to ask you questions, too. Also, allow them to add to what they read, especially if it’s a story book. This will not only encourage their creativity, but show them that you value their thoughts. 

Family Bond

Going to bed at around the same time has been shown to encourage closeness in the family. It can be hard to coordinate this for children of different ages, so, to get over this, you can arrange a nightly routine that unites the family: for example, brushing teeth or scheduling night activities around the same time. Moreover, by the way, this is good advice for couples, too. Couples who go to bed at the same time have been shown to be better able to resolve conflict.

 Family Bonding

Have a family tradition:

Set up a time to do something together as a family. Whether it’s a weekly game or movie night. A visit to an extended family member home. Day at the park, or simply playing in the backyard if you have to be confined home alone. Choose a day and time. When you all can communicate together, laughing, catching up just being a family. FaceTime can be used to call each member of the family. Lessen the stress of feeling alone. Something to look forward to and teaches every family member how to deal with differences since they’ll be in each other’s presence.

Family Bond



Encourage healthy communication. Ensure everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves. No one should ever feel like the black sheep in your family, or ever feel they are not good enough. Equally important is supportive and nurture an environment in which this support is felt.
Times of crisis can bring families together, but we should in fact promote closeness all the time. Being forced together during a crisis can put a strain on an unhealthy relationship. Let us keep our families together.