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Living without a father.

Fatherless boys when we think about family, we tend to imagine the “classical” stereotypical scenario. One mom and dad, and two kids. The reality is quite different. There are and always have been thousands of boys, forced to live and grow up without a father figure.

Fatherless Boys

Fatherless Boys

Research suggests that children living in single Parent households experience altered behavior.  They at greater risk of alcohol, drug abuse, mental illness, and teen pregnancy. However, these numbers are purely statistics and can’t be every case. Many teen boys without a DAD become successful men.  Who later create their own happy families.  Regardless of the situation  young men with absentee fathers face many more challenges.

Fatherless Boys overcome challenges to succeed regardless

Growing up in a family with two parents is not the norm today. The uncertainty is perhaps the hardest one. Many  admit to being anxious about not knowing their fathers or not remembering how they look or behave.  When father forced or choose to leave the families on their own will. These questions might in turn causes self-esteem issues. The child left feeling unloved or undeserving of affection.

Fatherless Boys overcome challenges to succeed regardless

Boys need play time with their dad.

Often, boys find themselves daydreaming about their role model.  Boys  whether children or teenagers  ind it hard to realize that their father leaving has nothing to do with them.  Men choose to walk away from a variety of reasons and the child is never one of them.  Some do not care about fathers rights child support.   Low self-esteem is just one of the problems. Children tend to blame themselves for the absence of POP, and start to consider themselves  not lovable. Some even believe that their father is a bad person and they are bad as well .

es as “tough guys”.  This is why so can become angry.

single-parent household today women tend to earn less than men. Woman who has to take care of her career, household, and children often finds herself struggling with all of them.

Growing without a father is difficult and challenging.  Children that receive affection, approval and understanding from their other Parent, tend to deal with the situation more easy.  It teaches responsibility and self-sufficiency, which are both invaluable qualities in life. The father figure helps the boys understand that mental strength is often more important than physical and what it means to be a man.