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Get Away Rape

Get away Rape can’t hurt me anymore. Every year, millions of teens face abuse all over the world.  Get away rape and assault can be visual, verbal, or coercion of any type.  To join in unwanted physical contact. While the internet is full of advice about how a Girl must be careful more importantly,  when meeting strangers in an isolated place or on a date. How they should learn how to defend themselves in such situations. The recent allegations against Bill Cosby indicate you can’t trust anyone.  No matter how respectable they appear to be. While, Following the Bill Cosby related media uproar it inspired me to write this blog post. However, not the only factor with this intention, for several victims who are underage.Get Away Rape


Get Away RapeIt is unfortunate to see that most societies are reluctant to addressing child molestation. Which often comes from trusted caretakers of children including family members, teachers, and coaches! As a healthcare professional often encounter cases where the problem for many victims is not that they are unaware of their abusers. They are ashamed. unable to protect themselves of being abused by someone they trusted. Therefore, depression, low self esteem, substance abuse, and violent relationships become part of their lives.

Here I would appreciate the courage of Jamie Carillo who came up as an inspiration to every survivor. She spoke up and got the justice she deserved making the system accountable for her childhood abuse. Get Away Rape

How to Get away with Rape

Most Girls do not speak up about rape. For fear that,  accepting a ride or going to his apartment implied acceptance.  In a way it’s  their fault. They need to understand the popular adage applies here. Non-consensual contact of any kind is never the victim’s fault. However, sad for the intolerant attitude towards  survivors in most modern societies encourage not reporting of this incidence.

Get away Rape

Survivors usually suffer long and hard. It’s not easy to forget. Fears that know one would believe take its toll. Ashamed that family and friends will blame incident on them.  Thoughts of being scorn and tease by peers make them surrender. Healing in any form can be a difficult process. Silences not the solution it won’t go away. Many say it haunting and crippling feeling.  That plagues their life everyday.  Discouraging your girl child to raise their voices against these criminal acts.  Will only continue to contribute to this kind of abuse. We  need to prevent our child from becoming easy preyed for molestation. Celebrity such as Cosby may be powerful with high paid Public Relation personnel. Working to bury the cases that arise against them. Society need to side with the Rape victims. So that they may get justice and can move on with their lives.