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Healing activities you can do at home with your adolescent on Halloween? Yes, you read that right! In this case the spooky season is a great time to do fun, creative paintings and therapeutic activities that can help your teen who is dealing with depression or other mental health issues.

healing activities

Healing Activities 

At the same time this won’t be an all-inclusive list by any means. But at the same time, here are some ideas that will support you to come up with therapeutic and fun activities that work for you and your teenager. Provided that you don’t demand the child to participate.

healing activities with parent

Healing Activities

It is ok if they chose not to take part. Find other ways to get them out. As a matter of fact simply just being there and listen will do wonders for the youth explain, here are a few therapeutic activities. If all else fail a simple walk is a great picker up exercise

  •  Halloween Art: Is your teen the artistic type? Even if they aren’t, artistic expression is a great way to allow them to explore and express their feelings. It could be drawing, coloring, even finger painting. Or how about making Halloween decorations for your house? If you or your teen is good at sewing, you could even make some Halloween costumes. You could suggest a spooky theme or even have your teen come up with one themself. Either way, this could be a great bonding activity.

healing activities halloween


  •  Writing: Journaling is another way to get your teen to explore their thoughts. You can encourage them to journal, which is a good way to privately let out what they’re dealing with. You could even have them write letters to family, friends, or community members. Or, if they’re into creative writing, how about spooky stories or poems? You could ask them to read them out to the family or have family members exchange the stories and do dramatic readings of the pieces. 


  •  Play Therapy:
    There are so many fun activities that you can do as a family. You could do puppet shows, play board games, or even simple laid-back activities like play I Spy. You can be as organized or spontaneous as you like. Get creative and choose activities that you and your teen would enjoy.


Healing activities
  • Cooking: What’s Halloween without food? There’s no shortage of great ideas for scary-themed foods you can make, whether as full meals or just as sweet or salty snacks. You could bake bat-shaped cookies or edible body parts. There are lots of recipes online for you to find and even modify to suit your needs. The sky is the limit!


Healing Activities

  • Pumpkin Picking, or Watching TV: Growing up, some of your favorite Halloween memories are probably watching movies with your family. So many of them are hilarious and family friendly. You could watch the classics you loved as a kid or the new ones that have been released since. The thing about movies is that they explore themes that you and your teen can discuss together. Are there lessons there in the films? What do they think about how the characters deal with the conflicts? Maybe something will resonate with you or your teen that you can share. 

teen healing fun activities

Pumpkin picking is a great alternative and exercise you can do with your children. If refused movie time. As a result change of scenery can most definitely improve the child’s mood

Healing activities 

As I said before, these are just ideas. You can pick and choose and even tailor them to your teen’s, and your family’s specific situation, needs, and preferences. Get your family involved in coming up with some ideas that would work for you. Under those circumstances, many parents fear that their adolescent won’t want to spend time with them, anymore. That’s a legit worry. But don’t let it stop you from trying.

In the long run look for age-appropriate activities that your family is likely to enjoy doing together. Given these points Who knows? Maybe the holiday might even make your teen more open to the idea of doing these things with you, even if they think they’re too old for that kind of “kids’ stuff.” Give it a try! Your teen’s mental health and happiness are worth the effort.