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Post Holiday Blues 

One of the biggest mistakes we make Post holiday Blues period is to have expectations. We expect exciting gifts, that it will be a peaceful and perfect time and that we’ll get to make more than enough memories with the people we love, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way we plan or hope for. Disappointments are not always bad if we learn to look at them from a different perspective.

holiday blues
Holiday Blues take it slow.

No doubt disappointments can leave you feeling heavy, disheartened and just generally stressed out especially if you have dissatisfaction over something that you’ve really set your heart on. But is it worth lingering on all the things that didn’t go your way? I don’t think so, and I’ll tell you why.

  Less time for the blues 

Stress can get you down. In this case, its self-inflicted stress. Lingering too long on the things that make you sad could lead to sorrow. Grieve could eventually lead to depression. Leaving you with not such a great start to the year. Concentrating on all the “wrong” things, leaves no room for the small miracles, little blessings and amazing experiences. That you may have already been through.  It’s because we think so long and hard about what we didn’t get.

Holiday it would be so nice if only the Blues will go away.

Just for a second, think about your Christmas list. Perhaps you had your heart set on something really special, but instead, you got your second choice. Maybe you wanted a new IPod, but you got an IPhone instead? Maybe you wanted some toys; makeup, clothes, a new bedroom makeover and you didn’t get it? Whatever the case, the festive season is not about the material things in life, it’s about family and friendships and building strong and long lasting relationships. It’s about giving. But not always the giving of gifts. Sometimes giving means time, experience, skills, understanding and…of course, sharing.

Holiday Blues take slow one day at a time

Post Holiday Blues take slow one day at a time 

You put your heart and soul into a gift for others and they are not happy with it you can get discourage. Think of how your family and friends might feel. This time if they see that you’re not quite happy with the way things have gone. Try to be grateful and show your gratitude and you might be surprised that the feeling actually catches on – before you know it you’ll not only be pretending to be grateful, you’ll BE grateful. Try  listen to  musics …Ok, so the blues have set in, despite trying to keep happy. That’s ok, being sad is totally normal. Start by:

Holiday Blues take slow one day at a time

  1. Concentrating on the things that made you happy over the season.

Even if it means you have to dig a little to find reasons to smile, make a list of all the things that made your day during the festive season and then think of those instead. We don’t always have control over what happens, but we do have control over what we choose to hold dear and act on.

holiday blues

Holiday blues take slow ones.

  1. Give, even if you didn’t get

I’m not so sure about the “you’ll always have if you give saying” but I do know that giving makes people happy. Happiness is infectious. If you’ve got no other reason to smile then make someone else smile – you might be surprised at how amazing it feels. And you know you don’t have to give an iPhone to make someone’s day.

It’s the Holiday blues
  1. Just be you

Ok, so you’re not the kind of person to smile when you’re unhappy. Or to laugh when you’re sad – it’s called not being pretentious, I get it. You’re perfectly entitled to your own way of doing things, but I know there is a sparkle of a smile in there somewhere, do what makes you happy in order to find it and then the minute you find it, hold onto your joy. So, after all is said and done, I really just want to leave you with two final thoughts. Don’t concentrate on the material things during the season.

Post Holiday Blues take it slow one day at a time

holiday blues

Make it a fun day

So many of the things you get this year will be forgotten by next year live a little.  Memories are made out of the experiences we have and not the things.  Maybe you should be the one to make something awesome. This time for yourself,  family, and friends, or even a random stranger.

That reminds me of a YouTube video I saw recently of a couple of guys gifting some necessities to a homeless man who was sleeping on a park bench. They gathered some blankets, warm clothing, a few packets of food, a warm cup of coffee, and a decorated Christmas tree. They wrapped the gifts and put it under the tree next to the bench and walked away. When the homeless man woke up, his joy was uncontainable. It reminded me that when we give gifts over Christmas, it’s to make people’s lives better, not just to give “stuff”.

Not your Holiday!

We can always get more things. But if we don’t take the time to build the important aspects of life. Like relationships, things just become empty. Whom will we share it with? When you count your blessings It’s not about trying to convince yourself. That you’re  lucky when you’re not. It’s about opening your eyes to the smaller things. That have huge meaning in your life. That you may have previously overlooked.