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The devastating effects of loneliness and depression.

 A sense of Loneliness can cause devastating changes. Especially to a person who is struggling with depression.  To  effectively combat we must first recognize the symptoms because, they may alter many aspects of our lives. Loneliness and despair seems to walk hand in hand among teens struggling with depressive disorder. Sadness isn’t the only reason people experience lonesomeness. It is possible that loneliness is a by-product of our personal choices? Many people prefer the quieter pace of isolation , as opposed to an erratic environment. An outgoing person needs the interaction of others as well as, Introverts do far better away from contact with the outside world. It is an unhealthy hold those feelings bottled up inside of you for too long.

The devastating effects of loneliness and depression.

The devastating effects of loneliness and depression

“The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” ― Lois Lowry

Feeling Rejected can affect your relationships with others.

Maybe the changes began subtly. Maybe you declined an invitation to hang out with a group of friends. But, that declined invitation led to another. Soon you have alienated yourself from your friends. Unfriendliness often leads to social outcast.  Maintaining friendships requires an enormous amount of energy.  Someone who’s complete sapped of their reserves may find themselves too fatigued to mingle. Another reason is not all cultures view emptiness the same way.  Adolescents may feel shameful. They may isolate themselves for fear of showing they are unhappy moreover, after spending extended periods of time inside home then, darkness sets in and the old worthless feeling revisits. Loneliness and depression have begun to set in.

The devastating effects of loneliness and depression

It is important to take time to socialize and get to know others because, this is helpful whether you’re the kind of person who needs an entire football stadium as a support system, or someone who prefers to just have one or two closest friends. Take time to socialize and get to know others when you’re feeling at your worst. You’ll have a safety net of people to fall rely on when times get tough. Don’t be afraid to rely on your support.  Choose friends you can trust. Be a friend. It might seem like hard work. But it’s the best choice you’ll ever make and the greatest defense against the solitary life style.

Loneliness affect your state of well-being.

Is your loneliness a result of circumstance or thoughts? The negative mindset can lead you to believe your friends and family or even pets abandoned you. Although it may be difficult, resist the urge to think that way. Maybe your expectations for your loved ones are too great. If you like to be ignored or left out of social activities, Consider your friends may not feel that way. Becoming less social may lead your loved ones to think you don’t want to be with them anymore. Despair can and does lie. Your mind will keep making up those thoughts until they become realities.

You can move beyond isolation.

We all wish someone would save us from our loneliness. But, that sad feeling ends up coming about anyway. No one is coming to rescue you. Take a second to think. Do you know someone who needs to hear “I care about you”? Be kind. Show love and warmth.

Be patient with yourself. The delay will be worth the wait.