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Moody  behavior

Mood swings in teens and others can be erratic at times. Emotions goes up and downSigns of irritable, sullen and extreme happiness.  Ability to remain in a calm and steady state is impaired. These children are usually feeling very low. Often mistaken for trouble kids. “Are you always a smartass?’ Nope! Sometimes I’m asleep.”― Jim Butcher,  summon up how Moody they can become.



Moody signs

Bipolar disorder is a chronic condition with no cure.  The manic episodes are usually easier to identify.  Being overexcited and happy to laughing and crying at the same time. However, these mood disturbance might look different in young people than it does in older adults. Teenage mood  is short live. While adults have rapid mood swings daily. Frequent  shifts and irritability on a constant basis, at times of normal.

Moody signs seen in Teens ups and down during depression

 Moody teens: Whirled of laughing up and down.

During depressive episode, your teen might loose interest in all activities.  Watch out for these signs. During the manic episode, your child life may act chaotic and will be mistaken for being sensitive. They will complain of feeling worthlessness. Overwhelm and frustration or even fear may come up. Try to be patient.  Focus on self their life is out of control. You will see a decrease in normal daily activity in teens. Changes in their sleep habits  stay up all night. Morning mood is worse then changes result in insomnia.  Medication is consider for Bipolar disorder when properly diagnose by psychiatrist. These symptoms can be diminished and your teen can lead a normal, safe and happy life.

Moody teens signs of whirled of laughing up and down during manic depression.

The child moody ways can be unbearable. At times her moodiness can take over their life. You will notice a rapid change from extreme to docile behavior in kids who are going through the manic phase. Quicker you see a therapist. Your child has a better chance to be treated early.