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Pandemic Holiday Blues that time of the year the holidays a time of family and togetherness but for some social isolation. It may have started for some teenagers during the Thanksgiving period. Not to mention, unfortunately for many individuals and families. Making the impossibly hard choice between time-honored traditions and social Zoom video communication gathering. Protecting our loved ones could mean staying away from them… Even if we have been looking forward to seeing them all year can leave teens missing their social life.

Pandemic Holiday Blues

Important to know, These Zoom live video events can bring a little comfort for the youth who misses their extended family. These are tough times. The “holiday blues.” It’s not an officially recognized disorder, but it is true that the holidays can trigger worsening depression symptoms in many. Typically, the holiday season, being such a hectic time with lots of different external stressors, along with internal triggers like unrealistic expectations and nostalgia for years past, can easily make things really rough for some of us.

Pandemic Holiday Blues

As you can imagine, this could be even more true this year. When we have to spend “the most wonderful time of the year” confined at home. In isolation with the same people we have been forced to find ways to get along and come to terms with feelings and issues on the spots.

There is an officially recognized disorder that does come into play during the holiday season, though, one with an either very clever or ironically fitting acronym. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a major depressive disorder associated with the changing of seasons, and the winter months are known to trigger it.

Holiday times

Take care of yourselves parents so you can be able to be there for your children. Our loved ones during this season need you to be strong and healthy. We’ve been isolating from friends and family for months. It’s has taken a toll on everyone and your kids need to know what you are going through. This will bring you closer to them and you may be able to get past this holiday blue season.

Even though the holiday blues and SAD are seasonal, it would be a good idea to take them seriously. If you, your child or teen needs help, there’s no shame in finding a mental health professional to help you through this tough time. In the meantime, think of ways that the family can enjoy the season together.

Good times

The good thing, though, is that we live in an age where we can still interact with our loved ones, even if they’re miles away. Yes, we all might prefer to be in the same place, but consider an online video dinner with your extended family, if you have the option. There are low-tech ways to help your children and teens feel connected this season, too. Although holiday cards have largely fallen out of date, maybe it’s time they made a comeback. 

Let’s be creative and find awesome new and better ways to fight off the blues this holiday season. Have Happy safe Holidays.