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Not Kool!

Sagging Pants Pajamas Serious New Epidemic let’s face the world with pants on. Our  teenagers need to understand the rules of dressing in public.  My recent visits to Walmart and Macy’s. a number of girls wearing pajamas and slippers in public. While the boys did not fail to disappoint me.  Their display of underwear through their sagging pants. A shout out to all the teens deem acceptable.  To make a public appearance of their pajamas and behinds.  Being comfy does not mean being sloppy.

Pants & Pajamas just worn out not so kool


Sagging Pants & Pajamas just worn out not so kool

While is acceptable to wear pajamas as you lounge in your patio. During a sleepover at your best friend’s house. Dropping your kids to school in your loungewear. Making a trip to the shopping mall wearing pjs and slippers is a walk down the style spiral. The boundaries between public and private dressing may not be defined in a holy book. But certain unwritten guidelines need to be understood and followed by the young generation. Wearing Jammies does not only arouse attention. Research also suggests teenagers who stay clad in their sleeper are more prone to obesity. The loose and comfy signals the brain.  The stomach is not yet full which results in excessive and binge eating.


Fashion for Teen Boys the Pants not cool.

The latest fashion trend calls for young men to walk around in sagging pants and displaying bulging under garment. Which looks like sleeper.  Seem distasteful, but also uncivil and disrespectful to the onlookers. A walk through the history drooping pants used by prisoners.  As a sign to show themselves available for intimate encounter. As repulsive as sounds, these loose outerwear can also be a latent cause for premature urinary dysfunction. Constant belt pressure can damage voiding flow. This constant pressure, a lowered belt line imposes on the thighs.  Can even lead to serious  disorders causing numb legs, sensitivity to heat and cutting pain. Evidence suggests such a code of dressing.  Can provoke suspicion from police and strangers.

Sagging Pants & Pajamas just worn out not so kool

Parent may not always able to monitor their child every move.  But they need to stay on any new trend. Continue to talk and share with your teenager. This build trust. Don’t follow your peers be courageous learn to make your own decision. Mandela once said  “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over.”  To be your own person lead and create your unique style and others will follow. Pull up your pants boys and girls leave your pajamas and slippers at home. Pull them up and wear a proper pair of shoes before you out of the house. One can never go wrong with the ‘dress to impress’ rule! What would you say to your child?