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5 reasons smile can make you feel better

Here 5 reasons smile can make you feel better. Both smiling and crying are equally good for your physiological and psychological well-being. It might not seem so when you’re constantly being told to “cheer up”, “ your face” and “look on the bright side of life”. But denying your emotions can actually put a deeper strain on the negative feelings that you’re already experiencing.“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  Dr. Seuss Here are five reasons why!

5 reasons smile can make you feel better

Smile can make you feel better

Smile, show pearly whites can actually lift your mood

It’s true. Even  faking can begin the process of making you feel a little happier. So practicing grinning with your friends even when you’re not really feeling it can lift your mood and release stress.

5 reasons smile can make you feel better

  1. Smiling makes you more approachable

People looking in from the outside might not always know how to approach you if you’re not cheery. If you’re wondering why this is relevant (maybe you don’t really want people approaching you), it’s relevant because connections and even acquaintances are a vital part of busting the depression bug. It won’t cure your sadness will reduce your stressors in schools.smile can make feel better

5 reasons smile can make you feel better

  1. Because you’ll look younger, and more naturally beautiful

If you can’t find a reason to be sunny and you’re simply pretending  just pull through, you won’t be sorry. After a while, you’ll notice people looking at you differently in a good way, of course. You may even find that your confidence is given a massive boost. How to change It’s so easy to get caught up in negative feelings about yourself,  situation, or other aspects of life. But did you know that so often what you think of yourself is not what others see? And inadvertently you pass your own feelings off onto other people.

5 reasons smile can make you feel better

  1. Entertained

Think of how many times you may have just needed a smiley, but no-one amused you? Offering to the world can help others, even complete strangers, get through their day a little easier.

  1. Because it’s a free high 

Yup, smiley faces are absolutely free and you can dish them out as often as you like. Because it is contagious, it means that your happiness will spark a revolution of folks laughing and you’ll be making the world a brighter, happier, and better place to live. What are your reason?