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Tough love start early

As a parent, your first instinct might be to protect your child from anything bad, to create a safe environment for them, in which they’ll feel secure and loved. Many  parents confuse taking care of their child with spoiling them to the point that they can’t deal with the outside world and they don’t know when to use tough love. That’s where the tough love approach comes in handy. Goals  start early. Your goal as a parent should be to teach your child discipline.

Tough love parenting should start early in nuturing environment

To help them understand why it’s so important to be able to get up early in the morning – even though they might not feel like it – and go to work – even though they might prefer going to the cinema, instead. Its best to start teaching your tough love when they’re still young. The older they gets without that essential lesson hard to  learn it.

Start early at home.

Love should, however, not be confused with negligence or abuse. Strong parents are loving but strict. They don’t enjoy taking privileges or punishing their children but realize that’s part of the parenting process. If your child fails to do their chores once in a while, you can let it slip. If your child is, however, chronically lazy, you need to adopt the  firm approach  for every skipped chore. If they’re not done in time, privileges are taken away  be it a phone or hanging with friends.

Tough love parenting should start early in nuturing environment.

Parents  Children will Rebel

Most children would rebel against the tough love approach. But it is also true that all of them would later agree that this was the right thing to do. Tough love parenting would give your child a better start in life and help them develop a stronger personality, self-control and determination.