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Sunny happy life-Shine Bright  

Sunny days are often associated with happiness and feeling good. And for good reason. Just like we cannot control the weather, sometimes bad moods creep up on us. What’s more, just like a sunny day doesn’t mean a cloudless sky, sometimes we put on fake smiles when we are feeling down.


S.A.D. Days

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”
Helen Keller

Being clinically depressed can make what should be “sunny” says seem like they’re filled with nothing but sadness. Just being sad, even very sad, doesn’t mean you’re clinically depressed, though. There is a difference between a bout of sadness and clinical depression.


Depression is a disorder, an extended feeling of sadness as a result of neurochemical imbalances. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just like other medical conditions, it can be treated.

Sunny Moody times

There are a few things that can cause depression. One of them is seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.). A condition in which the changing seasons impacts a person’s overall mood in a negative way. Someone with Seasonal disorder  might feel down during the fall or winter  months. Or, in rare cases, even in the “brighter” spring and summer sunny days.


That doesn’t mean people with depression, including S.A.D., don’t have any control over their feelings, though. Sometimes, we have to break our habit of relying on people and circumstances to make us happy. When we feel sadness coming over us, there are things we can do to help us feel better.

Sunny days

For one thing, we can deliberately stop and think things over. That can help put things in perspective. We might realize that things are different from what we thought. One way to make this more tangible is to write out our feelings, so we can see them, make them more tangible. That allows us to understand them better, and see how we can change our thoughts as well as our response to them.


Happy Depressed

Another thing we can do is listen to music (not sad music!). Music is powerful, and can help to lift our mood, especially if it is uplifting and upbeat music.
Also, when we are sad, we might tend to stick to ourselves and wallow in how we feel. What about getting out and finding a friend to go for a quick walk or play a game with?

Even if the friend or other loved one is too far away, we can pick up the phone and call or text them. That is often enough to help lift us out of the sadness we’ve fallen into.

Happiness and sadness are emotions

We can learn to exert some level of control over them. Even if we have depression (including S.A.D.), the tips above can help us do that.

Of course, as with any medical condition, we should not feel ashamed to get professional help. A trusted psychologist or other professional can help you by equipping you with the skills to deal with sadness and depression. And, if nothing else, It  is great to have someone to talk to who wont judge you.

So, yes, you can have sunny, happy life. Let no one discourage you or make you feel less. Continue to go to your therapy sessions and participate in the group activities program, it is a supportive atmosphere. Some days may be harder to be sunny and bright its ok too. Dont beat yourself downFind that trusted friend whether parent or confidant and talk its better to communicate your feels that holding it inside. Most importantly, take it one day at a time.