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Playing Video Games

Avoiding depression by passing the time playing Video games.May seems like it’s the best method to combat depressive behavior in your child.After all, they are spending time doing things that are fun and enjoyable.Unfortunately, though, spending too much time doing sedentary activities can actually have the opposite effect. It is well known that one symptom of depression is that people don’t really enjoy their hobbies like they used to. Even if people with depression spend hours at a time doing things that you would think are enjoyable, it doesn’t mean they are really happy doing it.

Avoiding Depression

Avoiding Depression

In this age of smartphones and video games, sufferers have found masking mechanisms rather than coping mechanisms. As a matter of fact They distract themselves from their low moods. By spending hours at a time curled up with a mobile device, game controller, or TV remote in hand. When you’re depressed, it’s easy to become addicted to these things. Which would only make things worse. As a result, it is easy to temporarily block negative emotions, which Leaves you constant yearning for more. For many young people, gaming is especially appealing because they don’t have to worry about being bullied or teased in in-person interactions.

Avoiding Depression

Avoiding Depression

Eventually, If you compare these with physical activities. Which psychologists often recommend for treating depression you see a big difference. Instantly, exercise releases endorphins that improve your overall mood and reduce stress. Rather than just leave feelings of numbness for a moment. And, of course, exercise helps keep your body healthy, which decreases possible mental strain that could end up making the depression worse over time.

That isn’t to say that spending any time at all on your phone or playing a game is a bad thing. There needs to be a balance. We humans are a social species; even the most introverted of us need interaction to be at our optimum mental health. Healthy social interaction, promotes self-esteem and build social skills. 

Avoiding depression: Change your routine

If you find yourself spending so much time on your devices that your social life has suffered tremendously, you might want to consider cutting back.
If an exercise regimen isn’t your thing, consider going for a walk. You might even want to try picking up a hobby like skateboarding or bike riding. These less structured activities can be a lot of fun and could help boost your mood. You may even make some friends who share your new interests.

Change Is good

It’s important to try to identify what it is that pushes you towards your electronic devices. Is it fear? Is social interaction stressful?Whatever it is, think of it, don’t run away from it. You might just find a way, find the courage to address it. If there is something that a trusted and responsible older person in your life can help you with (bullying, for example), don’t be afraid to tell them. They could help you find a way to deal with it.

Unfortunately, video games are not a healthy treatment method for depression. Don’t be afraid to seek medical assessment and treatment. Together, you and your medical health professional will find a way to beat your depression; tools, skills, and activities customize for you.