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I Know What You Did

Feelings hurt. There are literally thousands of cases that go unreported and unnoticed. Females tend to feel as if the act of being raped is something to feel ashamed. They’d rather swallow that bitter pill in silence than to stand up for their own dignity. The case of Bill Cosby, his actions are nothing short of unlawful, disrespectful, and outrageous. We can’t let him take the limelight simply because he’s a celebrity. The light needs to be shined upon the real issue at hand, which is how frightening common rape actually is.

I Know What You did last night hurt my feelings still
In your feelings

If you aren’t familiar with the ongoing case, Bill Cosby  allegedly accused of commit multiple sex-related offenses toward several women. His accusations came to surface only in 2004, but his first reported case of forceful acts happened way back in the 1970s. It took 30 years for the victim to actually file a lawsuit and have justice served. We need to understand that this just doesn’t affect the victims that have finally mustered the courage to speak up, but it’s affecting those who still continue to live in fear. The first step to solving a problem is to admit it that there is one, and as bitter as circumstances may seem right now, progress is already being made.

Feeling hurt

The seriousness of sexual abuse

Another thing to highlight is that rape doesn’t affect the victim alone, but it also affects families and friends that surround you. No one deserves to go through somethings traumatizing as that, and your loved ones will follow you through that process of hurt and recovery; but only if they actually know about it. The truth is, no one will condemn you for being a victim of such violation.

Your feelings

It’s no doubt that rape is something hard to talk about, but it’s something that we need to talk about. This is for the sake of the innocent victims. Who have been unfairly treated. And are now suffering in silence. Opening up about the subject. Will grant them to bravery to stand up for their selves. And have the violators persecuted. We need this to make our world a better place. For the sake of our friends, our family, and our children.

I Know What You did last night hurt my feelings still

The Bill Cosby saga. Is merely scraping the surface. And it took the victim three entire decades to finally say something. Sixteen different women have accused Cosby alone of sexual assaulting behavior.Imagine how many other people have shared similar experiences. This is a global issue that needs to be addressed. Encourage these victims to raise their hands. By empowering them with confidence. Not condemn these behaviors. We need to educate our children. About the importance of reporting such acts. And standing up for their dignity. We need to make a change today.