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When Bad Parent stop caring Kids pay!

 Kids Pay with there Health and Happiness when parents gone bad. Parenting is a lifelong commitment to your kids. They don’t come with a handbook or care instructions. It is often that bad parent and child abuse make headlines. Fathers get their visitation rights suspended; mothers lose custody of their children. Kids are taken under state care. But who pays the price for this? What happened to Shanesha Taylor’s kids as she spent thousands of dollars of donation money on finishing her baby daddy’s  rap album, or of the multiple children whose parents are too busy in their love lives to care for them? It’s certainly the kids who suffer.“Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.” ― Dave Pelzer, A Child Called “It” Some people believe these Youngers will grow out of it. Love heals all wounds they say.

Bad Parent Kids Pay with there mental health & happiness

 Kids Pay
Why bring a child into this world when you can’t take responsibility for their wellbeing? Children are the most vulnerable of creations that need constant care, guidance and attention. Ignorant parenting can lead to provocative and attention seeking behavior, and underdeveloped social skills.

  Bad Parenting!

These parent Expose  these youth early to aggression in the home as a solution to every problem. Adolescent may feel powerless and unprotected when witnessing series of episodes emotional abuse.  They can develop low self-esteem and become depressed.  Teenager may start to experiment with drugs. Substance Abuse habit become an escape to forget their inner pain.

Bad Parent Kids Pay with there mental health & happiness

While the parents spend household finances on alcohol and drugs. These youngsters suffer the real costs by being alone, feelings of neglect and hungry for love. This emotional emptiness distorts a child’s perception of normalcy. If brought up in chaotic environments they are likely to repeat the cycle of substance abuse and neglect later in their lives. Two-parent household youth feel safe a loving environment. Love makes us feel secure. But sometimes parents fail to understand as a result it scars a child’s sometimes for life.