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Can you tell the First Sign of Depression?

One of the First Sign is feeling of hopelessness. It is not always seen by many parents.  So far depression in teen is difficult to pinpoint. For this reason, symptoms often get dismiss by adult as part of the normal range of mood swing. That goes along with growing up. Teens that struggle with depression rely on adults, teachers, and counselors. To help spot the telltale signs.  First Sign

Do you know what are the First Signs of Depression?

Signs and symptoms of depression:

  • Sadness/hopelessness
  • Withdrawl from friends or family
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or activities
  • Easily irritable or angry
  • Change in eating and sleeping patterns
  • Lack of energy
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Poor grades at school
  • Restlessness, lack of attention
  • Frequent crying
  • Unexplained body pain

As you can see, depression is a broad description that covers a huge range of symptoms. Many teens dealing with depression will experience some of the above symptoms. While another child may only show one or two signs. As a result, the secret to identifying depression is to maintain communication with your child.  An attentive parent will be better able to recognize mental illness  in their teen and intervene. Immediate action decreases the risk of suicide.

What are the First sign of Depression?

Teens can often recognize these symptoms in themselves. But may not attribute to a greater concern like depression. They may also be afraid to bring forward their concerns and instead keep them as secrets from you. This is another reason why communication is very important. To ensure that you have created an approachable welcoming environment. Where no concerns about teen mental health is not dismissed.

As teens deal with the regular stresses of growing up like relationships, school, sports, and more;  life can become unbearable. Finding ways to easy despair before it reaches unmanageable point.  Its imperative to ensuring teens lead a happy, healthy life and become all that they can be.