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Parenting a Child with Mental Illness require patience

According to scientific study most children start developing mental problems on the onset of teenage hood. Actually it is said that the changes in a child’s body that might contribute to mental illness start very early before the signs of the problem become visible. The moment a child is diagnosed with a mental condition, the parent knows that this is something that will not go away and becomes part and parcel of their daily life.How to Parent a Child with Mental Illness require patience

You noticed the signs but thought that these were just normal changes that every kid goes through but now you realize it was something big and you did not act on the other hand you did not act because you did not know. Parenting never did come with a manual.

The painful silence

We know of parents who have kids suffering from mental illness. The main thought that captures most minds initially is that these are super parents and that they must be angels. Well the truth of the matter is that we mainly see beyond the surface. There is a lot of work that is put in to produce the smiles. Most of them cannot say how they feel instead they just keep quiet and we in turn assume that all is well. There is a lot of pain dealing with this illness alone. Even those great in parenting breakdown at times.How to Parent a Child with Mental Illness require patience

Insensitive employers towards Parents with kids who are mentally ill.

It can easily be assumed that employers would be sensitive to the plight of parents with mentally ill children but unfortunately this is not the case. Majority can see that it is not easy but many parents have faced discrimination. There are also employers who don’t believe what they are told; to them it is all excuses. They will feel that your child is too much if not a delinquent.

Your child mental health is important

Even if the kids does not let the boss know what is draining them, the drain will manifest itself in the work. When you cannot meet the medical bills and the doctor says there is no permanent solution, you cannot receive any promotion or merits at work. The solution needed here is that employers should be more open to the needs of the employees with special needs. It is such a bad sign when you as an employer cannot take into consideration the plight of a parent who is simply trying to provide for a child who has extra needs than an average child.

How to Parent a Child with Mental Illness

What they would want us to know

Having interacted with parents it can only be concluded that only empathy can save us. Let us put ourselves in the shoes of parents with mentally ill kids and see exactly what we should not do. What exactly would they want us to know?

I am not a hero nor brave. I need grace to take it one day at a time. Nobody chooses their kids but I chose to be a parent. I find accomplishment in simple things like my child taking their medication without giving me trouble. We need laughter and joy not pity and more pity. My mental health is almost hitting the roof, please take notice and encourage me, I am doing my best. Most of all, love comes in different ways just that mine demands a little more of all I’ve