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 Pushing friends away make depression hides.

Pushing friends away seem like the right thing to you when you are depressed. After all, when you are sad and moody. The last thing you want is happy people around. Right.  “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard  I’ll like to know that my friends will still be around. Despair has a controlling hold that keeps us into darkness.

Pushing friends away depression makes it easy to hide

When depressed teens push others away.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Depression is the most widespread. Mental Health issues facing teenagers in the US. In 2014, according to NIMH studies. 2.8 million teens in the age group 12-17 experienced at least one major depressive episode. More than 8 percent of this group will experience a depressive episode that lasts at least a year.

Behind the mask Mental Health

Medicine and psychology have made great strides in treating this serious problem in the last few decades, but there is still an issue of recognizing the problem in depression sufferers. Many people with depression, no matter what their age, hide their symptoms from loved ones. There is a term for this, “smiling depression“. It’s when people smile and act as if they are happy, even though they are feeling depressed inside. They put on a mask to avoid showing their symptoms of sadness, anxiety, anger, fatigue, and despair.push-friends-away

Pushing friends away depression

You may ask why anyone would do such a thing. If we have an upset stomach or a headache, we don’t usually hide it from our loved ones. A teenager with the flu will tell his or her parents and seek treatment from a doctor. A teen with depression will often try to hide it, however, and in fact will push loved ones away if they try to offer support or suggest medical help.

Pushing friends away depression makes it easy to hide.

The reason for this lies in the nature of despair itself. Depression affects our thought process. In fact depressed teenager simply not thinking straight. Your mind are filled with negative thoughts. And these thoughts often make pushing others away easy.

Hard to imagine but its true.

Reasons why teens with depression will hide it include:

  • Not wanting to burden their loved ones. They know that their parents and they don’t want to worry them.
  •  They are afraid reaction from friends. Teens who are Depressed often feel like they are no fun to be around. And they don’t want to ruin social occasions by letting their sadness come out.pushing-friends-depressed

They don’t feel that anyone really cares about them. Depression makes one thinks that they are unlovable. And that  friends and family don’t really care.They see others as simply wanting to manipulate them on a superficial level, and they prefer not to interact with people that way.

Mental Illness
  •  They are too fatigued. It requires a lot of mental energy to deal with constant negative thoughts and feelings, and it is draining for the depression sufferer. Sometimes a depressed person just doesn’t have the energy to interact with friends or family on a deep level, so he or she will take the easier route and push others away.
  • . They have lost hope that anything can be done for them. This is the most serious reason, of course, because it makes it extremely difficult for the depressed person to reach out and seek help. They will put a smiling face on and try to hide their pain, and will often deny that anything is wrong.

More education is needed to recognize the symptoms of depression, especially in teens, so that people can help their loved ones to get the treatment they need. We cannot let people who need treatment push us away