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Your Secret strength Life Depression

I’m going to say some things in this article that you might not like. But you do need to hear them. There is no universal secret to strength. Even the strongest people are not magically strong. It takes work and will power. Your Secret Strength Life depression. Both of which seem unlikely if you’ve been suffering from depression.“ “We may get knocked down on the outside, but the key to living in victory is to learn how to get up on the inside.”  Joel Osteen. Your depression doesn’t define you. That means that who you secretly want to be is attainable.

Your Secret strength Life Depression

Your Secret strength Life Depression

But you’ve got to work at it, you’ve got to accept that your strength is going to start with the decisions you make today. Decisions like: Choosing to see things differently

There are many people who argue that it’s possible to will away depression, but this very real condition isn’t so easy for everyone to will away. You can choose to see things differently though, and this can positively impact the way you experience depression. This takes some effort and doesn’t come naturally, especially if your mind is already made up. Sometimes, shifting your focus onto a different aspect, or seeing things from a different angle can make your experience a whole new one. For example, have people told you that you’re too sensitive because you feel too much, or have you told yourself that? Try considering that you may, in fact, be empathetic and not just a walk-over.


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Choosing to accept your weaknesses
We all have ‘em. Every last one of us. It’s often easy to slip into the frame of mind that says your weaknesses are greater than your strengths. By accepting that you do have weaknesses and that they are not greater than your strengths, you can even begin to mold those weaknesses into your strengths. Choosing to accept that you can’t only have strengths is also vital.


RT @NonnyUzo: Depression is too powerful but can be cured with love and reassurance.
 Your Secret strength Life Depression

Choosing to accept that you can’t change some things (or some people)
You don’t have control over all of the life experiences that come your way. Some of them are an important part of life and surprisingly not always something to avoid. If you can find it within yourself to let go of some of those things, you can make space for the more important things that you do need to carry. You’ll likely find that you have more energy to devote to changing the things that you can.tinybuddha.com

Secret strength Life Depression

Choosing to choose

It’s easy to let the wind carry your worries in (and out) of the door. But let’s be honest, the “wind” generally tends to carry them in more often than it carries them out. You often have to not only make decisions to react differently, but you have to make a conscious decision to open or close that door. That takes responsibility and it’s hard, no doubt. The rewards are plentiful.

Making changes doesn’t just happen when you’re in trouble. It happens long before.

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to be part of life. It’s such a glorious gift, even if you may not think so now. Allowing yourself to miss out on it, might be the one thing you regret later in life. Rather try something, anything, than try nothing at all. You may not enjoy the energy you have to invest at first, but push through and you’ll find, without a doubt, that every day holds a secret just for you.