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Special needs Children

A first grader with special needs placed in handcuffs at elementary school here in Atlanta, Georgia after he ran into the street. While in handcuffs began banging his head against the walls.. The mother of the boy isn’t happy about the approach that was taken by school. School action leaves one with a serious question: what can be done to care for special needs students with  such challenge?  Dealing with Special Needs children can be Challenging

Dealing with Special needs Children has its challenge.

“Lakaisha Reid said the ordeal began when her husband received a telephone call from the principal of their son’s school. Pine Ridge Elementary, who then told the couple to come down to the office”she told CNN-affiliate WXIA in Atlanta, Georgia. Special needs children raises concerns that doesn’t have an easy answer.

Special needs Children.

Most-school policies state that a child can be placed in restraints when they are a danger to themselves or to others. But, it’s the Administration decision. Anyone banging head, cutting, is considered a danger to himself. They need  supervised need care to prevent further harm. Relative clear to decide what it means to be a danger to others. Its safe to say that this first-grader was a harm to himself by some of  his behaviors. But was  Placing a youth in handcuffs the best choice? Are their long-term consequences that can result.

Children who required special care placement in an alternative school maybe helpful. These disruptions still can occur. Some argue that special needs children deserve every chance to successes as any other student. and while this certain is  true conflict could have avoided with simple transition.

Dealing with Special needs kids.

Extreme measures  taken to control a frightened child  other forms of discipline should be tried first. Such methods that could work include talking to the student to let them know of the dangers or harm that they could cause. Time-outs but not in seclusion.  Telephone calls to the parent or a familiar voice always work for me. In most situations, getting a parent to the school as quick as possible to intervene can be helpful.  since they are aware of the methods that work best for the child’s behavior.

 Special needs teens.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this growing problem. of caring for special needs students at school. More-Police Officers need training to deal with special need kids. Teachers also need to be educated, and school nurses. Mental Health Nurses health Nurses train and certify through Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) non-violence intervention. Teach how to de-escalate before situation gets out of hand. Or how to deal with all different behaviors such as Bullying, Violent Attacks and Verbal Altercations. The hands-off method, less restraint.

One  need to use less force as possible and more patience and with special needs children.