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Sugar addiction: So many of us delight in sweets…sweets can become a habit.  That we simply cannot live without.  This just an indulgence  that some people overlook. In order to condone their over indulge in their favorite cakes, and candy. Sweets  can  be a dependence, just like any drug or alcoholic substance that you can indulge in. when children  need for  excessive amount of  candies.  Challenging to break the habit.  Start them on a path towards  health.

Sugar Addiction real problem just like an alcoholic

  • Sugar Addiction Real

We get a  rush after eating  candy bar. It causes a spike  in the glucose level in the blood. When we do not have that spike in the glucose, you feel drained and wiped out. Some people who dependent are actually unable to act without their dosage of sugary products.

Sugar Addiction problems.

Children  with  habits oftentimes feel powerless. Those who  eating daily  donut, pies, cookies cannot control  the cravings that they have. Just like a drug, sugar can cause us to crave and want more. People can have withdrawal as if they where on drugs. Sugar Addiction real problem just like an alcoholic

Sugar Addiction Real problem just like an alcoholic

Habitual behavior:

That feel good effect that we all get eating a piece of chocolate. When parent constantly reward their kids with sweet products.  The habit is hard to break and can lead to other condition such as obesity.  There are teens who cannot do without sugar.

How to Overcome  Dependence?

It would be easy to say that you should avoid sweets if you want to overcome dependence.  But this is not always possible. Restricting the foods that you consume isn’t always healthy. Nor is it always possible.  Although  “The thought of “sugar withdrawal” may seem like nothing more than an excuse.  For people with a sweet tooth to indulge in sweets-eating. But nutritionists and scientists are discovering that when the body is accustomed to high levels  body goes into withdrawal if is deprive.”

Sugar Addiction Real problem

There are a ways this can be done:

  • Limit the amount of products  consume each day. There are substitute like eating or using natural fruit as sweeteners., and with the use of these sweeteners your brain will not realize that it isn’t getting the real thing. This is a better option that diluting sweets from your menu all together.
  • Reduce the number of sweets that you consume . If you are accustomed to eating sweets seven nights per week, cut that amount to six days, then to five days and so on and so forth try a banana as an alternative with peanut butter.
  • You can also cut your need for sugars by changing your overall menu. If you are an individual that consumes a number of processed foods, it is time to drop those from the diet and replace those items with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Add fruit to your diet. Fruit has natural sugar that can certainly substitute your need for sugars and end your dependency upon them.
  • Take a cooking class with a nutritionist  a fun way to learn to cook and eat healthy.
Using more natural fruits and vegetable  cut intake of large amount of sugar dependence and can cut the chances of becoming  obese.