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Takes time

Support and bravery is needed dealing with love one struggling with despair. Even harder to watch your child in pain.The feeling of helplessness is enough to send you through the roof, and can set you down a very dark path as a parent too. But that would benefit no-one and your teen surely needs all the help he, or she, can get.

 support and bravery

Parents It takes support and bravery

Take care of yourself if you’re not healthy and happy, you won’t serve as a good role model for your teenager. This is not an active way of helping your child, but an indirect way that has proven to develop results. 

Support start by listening

Mom, dad, your adolescent already knows how you did it back when you were a teen. The problem is, this really is not going to help the situation at the moment. The first step is very often for your teen to just let it out. Let your child empty out their emotions before attempting to offer advice. Silent support goes a very long way.

Be brave

  • Don’t assume your teenager is being petty

Often times, petty excuses for much larger feelings. So today it might be that she has nothing to wear (when, in fact, there is a closet full of clothes) or that he’s embarrassed about his car (when having one in the first place is already a huge gift). To you it seems like something ridiculous, but it’s covering huge, inexpressible feelings.

  • Patient and encourage expression

This could take hours, days, or months. The key here is to bond with your child. Trust will play a major role in how effectively your teenager will communicate what he or she is feeling.

Be strong, but don’t steamroll over your teen

Positive role model qualities mean your child will need to  lean on you. Be the safety tethers for your child as he goes mountain climbing. Remember that he has to do the hard work. You’re just there to make sure he doesn’t plummet all the way down the side of the mountain.

The higher he goes, the further he has to fall. You can be that anchor that keeps him by the side of the mountain, even when he loses his footing. Mom and dad,  the number one thing to remember is that your child is not suffering from depression to embarrass or antagonize you. And you can be part of the solution, even if he rejects your help outwardly. Seeing your Teen through their darkest days of Depression being that strong, unmovable essence in his life is already a huge step in the right direct