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 Adolescent Secret

Teen depression a difficult time for many youth. Struggling with body changes and challenges. Your child will goes through periods of sadness. They will be moody at times and quite irritable on most days. The change in their moods and sadness may seems normal.  Behavior changes link to hormonal in pre-teens years. However, in many cases sad feelings might persist into a major problem. “Every man has his secret sorrows. Which the world knows not. And often times we call a man cold. When he is only sad.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Teen depression

 Teen depression is on the rise.

Condition can be exasperated during teen early years. Recent data suggest twent percent of young adults will have suffered from depression. The good news. Depression can be treated. Sign that your child is suffering. If your teen shares feelings of emptiness, sadness and a belief that life is meaningless. Warning sign that they might be developing depression. Loss of interest in things they were passionate about such as sports, arts, and hobbies. Isolation from friends and family. Which can be mistaken as sign of them just being a teenager.

Teen depression

Tired all the time

If you suspect that your teen is suffering from depression. May an observation and monitor their behavior before you act. Any significant changes in appetite. Rapid weight loss or gain associated with despair. Complains of falling behind in schoolwork. Alway seems lethargic and  excessive sleeping all the time.

Teenage Depression secret they won’t tell you.

Teen depression

Clinical Depression often goes unnoticed in teenagers. And signs of depression is overlook as normal behavior.  Moodiness vs Depression only a trained  mental health professional can diagnosis. If you or someone in your family is  suffering with depression. You need to know that your child might also be at risk of developing the disorder.

Teen secrets can become a problem.
  • Serious Problems

Depression is a serious condition and can lead to severe consequences. The suicide rates of teenagers have increased three times since year 1970.  Nighty percent of patients suffering from mental illnesses are depressed.  Triggers are varied.  Example social rejection from peers. Family problems and schools cutting issues. Can become one of many secret problems. In some cases, parental Abandonment is a big concerns. Your kid may feel like a social outcast. Grief and loss takes its toll. And it is hard for a child to deal with when a parent decide to leave. It’s vital that you don’t dismiss your child’s sadness. Overcoming rejection is not easy for adolescent. Especially from the one they love.

What do you know about Teen Depression Secret and problems?

Medications an anti-depressant maybe prescribed by a Psychiatrist. A trained child psychology  work close with the family.  Counselors participates in groups focus on early interventions and activity of daily living. Parents participation is required. Try to be supportive despite your child’s behavior. Show them they can rely on you and don’t walk out on your kid.