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Out of control

Teenage behavior is hard to understand. At least that’s how it feels to many parents. You would think that having gone through this stage. Once before, it wouldn’t feel this way, but it does. If you are one of these parents, you’re not alone, though.“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.”  ― Albert Camus. Even researchers find it hard to make sense of the teenage mind. And for good reason.

Why do you think teenage behavior problem is overlooked most of the times.

Teenage problems

The teen years are full of change: Their brains don’t change very much in terms size. But the brain becomes more complex. Not only that, their bodies are changing, too, and how people interact with them. Is different all the time as they get older. That means that from adolescent into early adulthood, the mind is undergoing a tremendous shift. As your child becomes a very different person.

Teenage behavior

Out of control teenagers and how they are acting can be frustrating for the parents. And can be overlooked at times as just an act. What do you think is important to a teenager the majority of times? That being said, professionals that deal with teens on a regular basis – teachers, counsellors, coaches, etc. – have some insights to share.

Researchers have delved into the mind of teens to find out what makes them tick, and what is important to teens as they go through this crucial stage in their lives.

Why do you think teenage behavior problem is overlooked most of the times.

How teenager feels and behavior towards Family, Forgiveness, Trust 

This first one might come as a surprise, but a teenager’s family is very important to them. “What?” you might say. “My kid doesn’t want to spend any time with us!” Honestly, I don’t blame you. However, teens do enjoy and value spending time and having fun with family, even if they don’t always show it. What’s more, they appreciate knowing that their families are there to support them if they need help emotionally or otherwise.

Teenage behavior

Teens want to be trusted, and want to trust the adults in their lives, too. That means they want to know that even if they make a mistake, they will still be loved and forgiven. Family is the primary source of all that.


It most likely doesn’t come as a surprise that teens value their friends. They often feel more comfortable talking to their friends about certain things that they think their families might not understand, for example. As they grow to understand the value of money, they do see it as important, but it’s very often a means to an end. They need money to spend time with their friends, and they might even see it as a way to impact their friends’ perceptions of them.

Why do you think teenage behavior problem is overlooked most of the times

Structure & teenager behavior

Finally, teens value structure and rules. This is another one that will probably come as a surprise. Teens want to do what they want, and they rebel against authority, right? The fact is, they know that rules and limits show that they are loved. They might not feel to do what you tell them to, and probably resist, but they do appreciate it.

Teen issues

They often connect parental approval with academic performance. And know that going to school is important for their future. But become rebellious when parents push too much. So, though they would much rather be watching their favorite shows than studying, they know how important it is to you. They need guidance even if they don’t show it.


Teens are smarter than we often give them credit for. They value much of the same things that adults do, and having those things in their lives to help keep them happy and mentally healthy. SaveSave