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Teens and depression Do you know?

 Depression in teens is a serious condition. Depression is a neurochemical imbalance that can occur at any time in someone’s life. It causes intense feeling of sadness and loss of interest. In previously enjoyable activities, and can affect habitual behaviors like appetite and sleep patterns.

Teens and depression

Teens and depression dealing with love interest.

Although depression is a persistent condition. It can be worsened by events and recurring celebrated seasons. Valentine’s Day loneliness is a widespread phenomenon. The day of hearts and roses can be extremely distressing. For a single person. Who has to watch their peers spend it with their boyfriends or girlfriends.

Teens and depression & love.

If they happen to have feelings for someone. Who does not share those feelings. Or worse, happens to be in a relationship with another person. It can be pretty rough. Rejection can be hard to deal with. And Valentine’s Day can pour salt on that open wound.

Teens and depression

Single teens and depression

Teenagers aren’t the only ones who suffer, though. Couples that have a difficult and disconnected relationship may use Valentine’s Day as a temporary fix that, buying each other flowers and chocolates, when they know things aren’t going well. This can make a teen’s emotions spiral downward even further.

Teens and depression the special lovers day

Around Valentine’s Day and all year round, parents and guardians need to be aware of the signs of possible depression. Without a trusted adult in their lives being able to identify that something is wrong, their academic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B83Rgff1gSker aspects of the teen’s life may suffer.

Teens and depression

Sad day for lonely teens depression

Of course, your teen is probably not going to be comfortable talking to you about those feelings. Still, it is important that they know that the door is open to them to share with you, and that they won’t face judgement for it. That can be hard to convey, though, especially in the stage of sexual experimentation, when they probably have done things that they’re quite sure you would not be happy with.

Teens depression

Nonetheless, along with other responsible adults in your teen’s life, like teachers and coaches, you may be able to identify signs of depression as they arise. If your teen’s appetite or sleep patterns change, you should be able to identify them with little difficulty. However, a drop in academic performance, for example, is something that a teacher may be more readily able to identify.

Valentine’s day & teens and depression

Even if your youth has started treatment for depression, though, V-Day could still impact them negatively. As daunting as it might be to consider how to help your teen get through this time, though, there are some ways you can help. For one thing, you can spend time with them doing fun activities that would keep their mind from wandering to their depressive thoughts.

Teens and depression this may help encourage activities outside.

Go out, watch a movie, get to a water park, anything that you know they would enjoy. Also – and this may be one of the most important things you can do – listen to them. Let them know you value their thoughts and feelings. Doing things like that, you can empower your teen to get through V-Day depression, and to remember one very important thing: They are not alone.