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Positive attitude

Stay positive remember this phrase its like a muscle, you’ve got to exercise it. Its like a habit, you’ve got to feed it. And  like a friend, you have to nourish  and spend time with it. Life can get you down. Other times it feels like life spat you out and forgot about you. That’s ok, show ‘em who’s moving on and up. Like a boss! Having the right mind set  is what positive attitude is all about.“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”  Walt Whitman

10 things to stay positive even in disappointment

Stay positive when you feel disappointed

  1. Take control of your personal relationship

Your mood and outlook can be affected by the people around you. If you have friends  or family who are positive and love to spend time building you up. People who care about you.  If you’re not so lucky, you’ve got to make choices either sit your people down for a chat or  “sayonara”.

Continue to stay positive here’s ten ways.

2. Failures:

Making mistakes is normal. Really, It is. Not only is it normal. From our failures we grow and become stronger. Who we are and what we do does not define by our failures. In other words, don’t shy away from making them. Accept that it happen and turn it into your strength.  Changing the way you feel and think.



10 things to stay positive even in disappointment
  1. Take it slow

Some of us need to be slow to react. You have no control over what people say or do. As a matter of facts you have control over how to respond only. We can either reciprocate with  anger. It takes a  courageous to be humble and kind.

Ten possibility staying positive all the time
  1. Be yourself:

There’s only one of you, so if you’re going to be someone else, the world won’t get to see your awesomeness. Plus, it puts a lot of strain on you to be who you aren’t. It takes energy and effort, and when you run out of those two, you may Become negative.


10 things to stay positive even in disappointment

  1. Make a positive difference:

There’s no better way to start feeling better about your circumstances than to help someone out. Volunteer in a community-based event or start your own. If you have organizations who take volunteers on, that’s also a great place to start. It helps you connect to the people around you and will definitely help renew your outlook on life10 things to stay positive.

Even in disappointment  stay positive life goes on.

  1. Rally Support:

Create a group of people which consists of like-minded individuals who all share the same passion for life, living and aspirations. This will be your support group and avenues of inspiration and motivation.

Stay positive even in disappointment

  1. Aspirations vs Expectations:

Our expectations often result in disappointments. Because we set our goals too high. When things don’t go as planned, it can result in negative emotions.  Does not mean lowering your standards for anyone. Just being realistic about things.

Ten ways to stay positive

8. Attitude:

Fill your life surrounding friendship, thinking and positive living.Watch what you say.

  1. Pack light

It’s quite simple, if you’re planning on taking a trip and you need to go to the airport, you’d be sure to pack your bags and head on to the airport the day of your flight.  Headed the other way visit to a friend. You may never make your plane.

Ways to stay positive

10.    Staying Positive not negative

It’s not counterproductive to live in the pass. It’s vital to resolve. By reflecting back and acknowledge your  past mistakes and failures. Learn to forgive. If they choose not to forgive or accept your apology move on.