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Raising Teens

Be a parent; to your child this is what they need the most from you!  As a matter of fact, the kids want someone which they can rely to set healthy boundaries. As parents, we want our teens to be able to  trust and feel that it’s ok to confide in their mother or father. No doubt, being your child’s friend sounds tempting. You want to stay as close to them as possible, but it is not always a healthy parenting style

. be a parent


Be a Parent

Nevertheless, it is easy to be a good parent meaning you cannot just agree or give in to all your child wants or needs. Being a parent means being there for your kid, no matter what. You provide for and nurture them while reassuring where to tell them a straight “no.”  That, too, is for their own good. Training the youth to obey and following rules will be difficult in the long run for both you and the child. In the light of it all, you will feel conflicting to make the right decision.

be a parent


Be a parent

What does it mean to be a parent. It is essential to understand that you can parent your child while being friendly to them. Instead of keeping your parental grip away, try using it in a friendly manner so the child understands the boundaries without being rebellious. With this in mind, you become too lenient for fear that your child will withdraw their love for you. In other words, parents by letting kids make decisions for themselves without consequences. And not teaching them any life lessons in adulthood it’s too late.


Be a parent

Know that your love as a parent is more profound, stronger, and enduring than any friendship. And that’s something extraordinary. It’s a  fine line between empowerment and overprotectiveness. For example Imagine that your teenager wants to take on a part-time job. Empowering parenting should make you sit down and discuss why and how they want to pursue it. What would be their priorities, responsibilities, and time management? After thorough consideration, you can say “no” or “yes” while explaining the reason. This way, your child would feel supported and heard. But simultaneously, if it’s a no, they could digest “why.”. You want to maintain their growth, but safety is the priority.

Be a parent

On the other hand, an overprotective a mom  would panic at the idea of their child being out with strangers. They would be saying no without considering it, limiting their chance to learn about work ethics and finance management. But keeping a check is important since you need to ensure their safety. Overprotectiveness can limit child’s personal growth. Does your daughter want an all-night party with friends? Cool, but you have to think about her safety, the crowd she’ll be with, and the environment around her.

Sometimes, you have to be strict and say, “No, when you feel that way. Here, as well, you need to explain firmly why they are not allowed and what else can compensate it in a safer way. So, it all depends upon circumstances, as there is not any general rule for parenting. Many teenagers say, “I would never do that to my kids.” “When I become a parent, I will always be a different one.” You might have thought that way too.

Let’s say, you didn’t have many toys growing up, and now you’re flooding your teen’s room with gadgets and games, thinking it’ll make them happier. But here’s the deal: Overcompensating this way might seem reasonable on the surface, but it can mess things up. Your teenager might start expecting everything to come easy, feeling entitled to stuff without learning the value of hard work.

Beyond friendship

Being a parent is more than just being your kid’s buddy; it’s about a love that runs deeper than friendship. Friendship is about having fun together, sharing secrets, and laughing until your sides hurt. But parental love? It’s something much more than that. It’s about nurturing, protecting, and guiding your child through life’s ups and downs and reassuring your presence for them whenever and wherever they need it.

Be a Parent

Being a friend to your child might seem fun at first. You laugh together, share secrets, and even watch movies like buddies. But it just won’t work in the long run. Kids need parents to guide them, set rules, and teach them right and wrong. You might not be able to do that, if you’re too busy trying to be their friend.

They’ll always expect you to act like a friend, not a parent. But Life is no less than a roller coaster, and sometimes a firm grip that seems harsh at first, is actually very beneficial to save you. This is what parenting instead of befriending will do for them. They need your parenting to shape and carve their personalities.

Entitled kids? It’s something really challenging, especially when parents give them everything they want without any check and balance. Now, it is quite a task to keep them on track. The key is to took action as early as possible.

It’s time to step in.

  • Set boundaries.
  • Teach them the value of hard work and responsibility.
  • There are no free rides.
  • Encourage them by explaining the privileges.
  • Teach hard work and independence.
  • Be consistent in enforcing consequences for entitled behavior, and don’t always give in to their demands.

It’s always possible to start. Let’s raise responsible, respectful kids who earn their way worldwide!