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Public name calling is bad

Bullying is a form of mistreatment. Away of feeling in control over a weaker person. When you think about teenage depression, what comes to mind? Maybe a sad teen girl who cries all the time? Or maybe a teen boy who has withdrawn from his favorite sports and friends? Depression has many faces and you never know when it may happen in your own household. But what is the  causes?

Teen girl, victim, Bullying by peers

Not so kool

Everyone at some point in their life has experienced name calling and may even remember quite distinctly what it was like. Although some people chalk it up to the normal middle school and high school life.  Sometimes intimidation goes beyond that and is the root of depression in teens.

What Does Bullying Have to Do With It? more than you know

When teens  kicked to the curb by their peers or made fun of and left out of events, the teen begins to feel unwanted, lonely, and depression will form. Your teen may begin to juggle around in his or her head what exactly is wrong with them that their friends are avoiding them.

Stop intimidating

Studies that  conducted show a strong correlation between the happiness of a child and how well they are socially accepted by their peers. While bullying can lead to depression, it should also be noted that depression can lead to a child being bullied as well.

Lets talk about  the bullies.

If you believe your child  depressed and being bullied, you may notice that he or she does not want to go to school or he or she is making up excuses such as stomach aches, headaches, or other illness symptoms to stay home.

Getting help for your teen can help him or her overcome depression and their anxiety. If your teen is a victim of cyber bullying, speak to them about it and let them know that they need to report instances of it to the school. Let your teen know that you are on their side.


The Link between Bullying, Depression and Suicide