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Father decision

Caged is not what the Special needs kids need.  In school handcuffed, tied down, made to sit in corners for long period is not cool. Although children with attention deficit disorder may be challenging. Their must be a better way to support these children. And help with their activities of daily living.  Psychiatric problems aren’t taboo in our society. Many youths suffer from mental issues and bad behavior. A recent report revealed shocking news about a boy living with a mental disorder. Xiao Wang spends most of his life looking out from the inside of a cage.

ADHD child Caged by Father ruined neighbor's Possessions

ADHD Child Caged by father

He suffers from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Cortical Dysplasia. These  disorders have made life difficult for Xiao. He’s held against his will in a cage. Father  fear he’ll destroy more properties and abuse his sister. Hong Kefu, 45-year-old father, worried about his son and how he has to be raised. No behavior management class and with several complaints from neighbors, Kofu is left without options.  This disorder has the potential to affect children, even throughout adolescence. Kids can’t sit still have a hard time to focus, or pay attention are diagnosis with Attention Deficit.

Son with ADHD Caged

All these behaviors are clear in young Xiao Wang. Only 12 years old  refuse to do as he was told  is defiance. His father has received various complaints from neighbors, stating that they’ve lost shoes, clothing and even cell phones.  Xiao Wang many neighbors have suffered. To control his behavior. Zhong Kofu had to restrict the  movements of his son by enclosing him in a 2 square meters (21 square feet) holding. A wooden stool is placed in the enclosure for sitting, along with a urinal and sponges. While caged, the ADHD stricken child is to deprived from human touch.

ADHD child Caged by Father ruined neighbor's Possessions

ADHD child Caged by Father ruined neighbor’s Possessions

Mr. Kefu stated he has to put his son in a cage he has to go to work in order to earn money to compensate for his treatments. While the father’s intentions are pure, that does not give him the right to lock up his son. Here in USA majority of families deal with their child behavior. If the Youngers becomes acute then there are Behavioral Health Facilities available.  They monitor the child until they are safe to go home. Studies to find the cause of ADHD & coping skills  are being review. This Father situation is unique….Child should be allowed to play with others.

ADHD child Caged by Father ruined neighbor's Possessions

  • Destroying Neighbor property

Not only has Xiao caused damage to his neighbor’s property, according to his father, but he’s also been hurting himself. Kefu further stated that his son, when younger, would consume anything he picked up, regardless of whether or not it was palatable. After a few years, Xiao started destroying things, smashing them as desired. “He was also breaking things at home”. Complaints were too numerous so he did what was necessary to keep  peace with his irate neighbors.  Many would sympathize with this dad but there are other options available.  Asking for help would have been difficult. However, by allowing the child to stay with relatives or even friends. Staying with friends and family is a better option, in comparison to throw away the keys like an animal . Regardless of what attitude demonstrates.

Caged for safety
  • Mentally Disable Mother:

Zhong Kofu Ex-wife is a mentally disabled woman. She gave birth to Xiao in 2002,  their son was different in his behavior, in comparison to other children. Xiao limited in what he could say and only stuck to using words such as ‘dad’ or ‘baba’. Throughout his short years, Xiao has been very aggressive with other children including his sister. While he would love to send his son to school to get an education and play with other children. He fear the kids  would not accept his son. The Family need money  Its this Father responsibility  to  provide. So that his son  can be treated.  We’re all disturbed by how this child is being treated.   Let your voice be heard and speak out so that another child isn’t mistreated or caged not in the USA at least!.