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Emotional Scars

Child abandonment is a huge problem not only in the USA, but on a worldwide scale as well. Each years, millions of children get left by their parents in the care of state. In 2015, this number will go as high as to account for 45% of the population in developing countries. In 2002, more than 30% of the US children lived in single-parent households, where one of the parents have left the family. It’s a scar that take time to heal  with therapy.

Child abandonment is a scar that takes time to heal

Healing the scars

Abandoned by one or both your parents can  affect the child’s Self-esteem.  Physical and emotional health in long-term. When children are  lacking the psychological sense of security they can develop low self-esteem. Many  children admit feeling ashamed, even though they are not, in any way, responsible for their situation. Theses children are left to feel as if they are unworthy. Not important to their parents and this creates  emotional scars. Which will take time to heal.

Child abandonment

Child abandonment

Child abandonment is a scar that takes time to heal

Adolescents feels rejected at times. Even when they have two caring parents and families. Sometimes the feeling that the child cannot live up to their parents’ expectations make the child sad. The youth often feel they has to hide a part of themselves. This create a sense of isolation and loneliness. Every child needs to feel valued and loved for who they are and not be forced to hide their true self.

Many children are afraid that their parents would love them less, if they fail a test, don’t manage to find friends, or have interests, different from their parents’.

That’s why it’s so important to show your child that you care about them.  Its necessary to communicate your love and respect for them while they’re younger. Constantly feeling undervalue or unloved might result in long-term psychological damage, such as attachment problems,  low self-esteem and  many more.

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Parents who simply cannot take care of their children. Teen pregnancy rates are currently decreasing in the US, but are still very high. Teen  mothers too young to be able to provide their children. There are numerous issues parental crisis that can cause a mother to give up on her children. The children are left believing that they are unwanted. Undeserving of their own mother’s love . When treating or helping such a child, you need to be very careful and understanding of the situation.

Child Abandonment scars

Even though the living conditions in today’s orphanages are better than the pass. They are still unable to provide and care for the child in the way their parents would. In fact, statistics show that many children suffer more emotional and physical. while under the state’s care. There are no easy answers, when it comes to Child abandonment – be it in the literal, or not so literal sense. If you believe that your child might feel left out. Take the time to tell them that you love them and care for them.