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Protective Custody a safe place for kids.When there is a threat or danger to their health or safety. Removed by the state Department of  Services when abuse or neglect has occurred. The judge presiding over the matter will decide what is in the best interest of the family. In many cases, a member  step in and care for the child. But sometimes placed into foster care or state custody. When this happens. Concerns for the kids that has been removed from the home. Children in Protective Custody need comfort and safetyCustody

While there are always flaws in the system. Children who are placed into protective custody are generally safe. This is especially true when the child is coming from an abusive environment. Where they are  being abuse and hurt. The govenment agent takes the time. To assess the issues. They can count on being in a safe environment. Free of the harm that has caused them displacement in the first place.

Safety When Problems Occur

The biggest concern occurs when a child can’t  returned home to their parents. And is then moved from one foster care family to the next. In many states, this is a common occurrence. There are a number of reasons why this happen. Whether the child is simply too defiant for the family. Then they are placed with in a differnt atmosphere. Sometimes in an inpatient facilities. When a child is being moved from one home to another.


They feel alone. Misplaced that no one out there really cares for them. This can cause a variety of problems with the child. That affects their mental and physical well-being.  Again, this is something that the Department of Children’s Services is dealing with.  By ensuring the families that the children are placed. Compatible with the child’s needs. It can cut the number of placements. Thus helping the child feel safe and secure.

Ensuring Safety

Children who are placed into protective custody have special needs already. It is a must that all the workers involved with the case to do all in their power to make sure that they have a good experience once in the safety and care of the state. It is difficult or children who have already been in hard predicaments to gain trust, and it can be broken very quickly.

Children in Protective Custody need comfort and safety

As long as the proper precautions are taken. To make sure that the child is safe. While in protective custody. There should not be any further issues. And the child will be able to thrive. Effectively, even when they are ‘in the system.’ It is important that these things are done. Children are our future and we must do all that we can. To protect them. when situations in their life has caused them disarray.