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Friendship & loyalty  similarities between a wolf and a woof  and human beings. All dog species descended from wolves. They not only share physical resemblance with their counterparts but also the sense of and ear movements. The false people you will encounter with similarity when it comes to behavioral traits ….“Dogs never bite me. Just humans” ― Marilyn Monroe

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Wolf Dog loyalty Friendship

Dog and loyalty towards their human families emotional attachment, and obedience  makes ideal pets .  Worry leaving your kids  with a dog in the house  without any need of monitoring. Train teaching them various tricks to cheer you up. Their  possessiveness for you and your family can take its toll. they are  social being who  in packs.

Unlike dogs, a wolf does not preserve its juvenile character and reaches maturity at 2 to 3 years of age. Upon reaching maturity, wolves become. Wolf  more aware of their surroundings and secretive. These  canine may refuse to eat to share their master’s grief. Wolves become possessive of anything finds way into their mouth. Do you every here of the saying show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. A good Friendship is base on trust and loyalty. 


You should  surrounded yourself with  people with similar traits. Distinguish between the woofs and wolves among your family, friends, and colleagues. Sort the negative out of your life.  Important to recognize the wolves.  The false comrade who are of no benefit to you. Enemies in disguise. Avoid confiding your secrets in them.  Relying on them maybe  hard because you want to belong. Become a scapegoat to their malice. Is not healthy. Find someone who  share  similarities with you.


Like dogs friend choose with care.  Right one will be there for  you in time lowest point. Such friendship always guarantee a shoulder to cry on. A protector in  need will be forever faithful. Bring a smile to your face during crisis, and a lifelong confidante. You can’t go wrong.  A faithful friend and a trusted guardian will support you when you are depress!