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Broken heart feels empty and healing is a process that almost everyone has to gone through. Whether its rejection or parental abandonment, and social exclusion. We, humans, tend to be affected by the other’s lack of desire to be with us. If you have experienced  the emptiness of broken heart . You first need to understand that this pain is a normal part of life. It’s nothing to feel ashamed of and nothing that makes you different, worse or less than anyone else.  “The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…” ― Nicholas Sparks.

How do you heal empty Broken Heart

How do you heal a empty broken heart

As a teenager you will experience many broken hearts. This may leaves you with a feeling that you have to fight for your relationship.  The only relationship that actually needs fighting or saving is with you.  Try not to become angry and bitter this only fuel depression.

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How do you heal a empty broken heart

Peer support heal heart

Positive friends motivation will allow you to move past the heartache.  Learning to mend your relationships with the person, who hurt you and to love yourself. Depression is angry inward so try not to hold on its important to keep talking about it. Often, having someone to talk to can be therapeutic. Discussing you’re situation with friends consider the language when talking about the painful experience.

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Make sure this is someone you trust and try to not use words such as “nightmare” or “horrible”. This might make you relapsed. Causing the negative feelings and prevent you from moving forward.

How do you heal a empty broken heart

It’s a process that starts with awareness. Understand what caused the situation and assess whether you can change.  If this were easy healing would be a breezy, it’s important to remember that you are and cannot be at fault. But you still need to forgive and learn to love yourself to move forward. How do you heal a empty broken heart by learning to forgive others this will heal yourself.