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Left across Border

Immigration is an issue the United States of American has been dealing with for many of years. Several crisis of how to handle large influxes of illegal immigrant crossing the Mexican Border for a better life.  Left home Parents  in poverty in Mexico City & Guatemala. Send their youth to take the journey alone crossing the border. The teens tell tales of hiding from Border Patrol and dangers they entail caught up in Mexican American War.



Darkness and isolation becomes these adolescence only friends. This quotes summed up ” I take issue with many people’s description of people being Illegal Immigrants. There aren’t any illegal Human Beings as far as I’m concerned.”  Dennis Kucinich They fleet their country for peace of mind and hope for a better future.

Left across Border illegal immigration

American crisis has been  a dilemma for years. Caught in the middle and often forgotten is the children. Once they arrived in the United States of America. As seen in this video. No one to care for them.  Is it fair that Parents should let there kids navigate and make the tough, rugged journey for opportunity here in the states? Imagine a youth unable to speak the native language and force into exile. Scatter and torn you reach for the only friend you known as a baby.

Mexican kids: Illegal Story

Across the border a teenage depression story of a young teens who just wanted to find home. Teenage depression a serious mental illness often goes unnoticed or class as a teen phase by many Parents. Depressed Adolescent will go to any length to cover up their pain. Often times feeling ashamed and will do anything to pretend it’s a perfect world. Left across the Border is Fictional series Book of one such teen.  Who incur rejection, isolation for a broken dreams for a better life. These children risk it all left across the border.