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Teens Mental Health

Mental Illness fear is less when we know the facts. It was just a few weeks ago that a Maryland teenager, Sash Nemphos, 16, admitted to police that he had fabricated a plan to kill his parents with a handgun, with the intention to then continue to his high school to kill classmates.  His excuse for devising this horrible scheme?  Revenge for all the years he had been bully in school.Learn the facts about teen Mental Illness and proceed with caution


Mental Illness Fear Teens

Perhaps revenge really is a reason to hurt those around him. But there is a deeper issue at hand.  When officers first questioned him about his plans. They said he was intoxicated.  This in itself gives indication that he suffers from substance abuse.  And if addiction is present, it’s plausible to assume that other mental health illnesses are present. If you have a child you are afraid of mental condition might be to blame. Whether you are aware that he or she has a mental  disorder or not it’s important to know signs.

  • Your child constantly think everyone is against him?
  • Why  your teenager never talk about friends?
  • Are they spend an excessive amount of time in his room?
  • How come  your teen have mood swings on a frequent basis?
  • Is your child hurt himself?
  • Do your kid have severe mood swings?


Mental Illness Fear  Teens

If you notice any of these signs, you should tell your child’s primary physician immediately.  These are indicators that your child’s mental health condition is worsening, or perhaps it might be the development of a new illness.

Learn the facts about teen Mental Illness and proceed with caution

Mental Illness fear less when we know the facts

parent should have to be afraid of their child.  But the truth is, when mental illnesses are present. The risk of a teen endangering loved ones increases.  Many parents who are fearful of their children don’t seek help. Because they don’t think that their kids would actually hurt them.  They endure the mood swings and hope for the best. This form of denial sometimes results in horrendous circumstances that could have otherwise been prevented if proper treatment and support for the youth had been given.

Mental Illness

No amount of love can sway a child’s decision to hurt his or her parents when a mental illness is present.  Take for example Senator Creigh Deeds.  His troubled son, Gus, was a close companion to him for many years and they  loved one another.  However, in November 2013, he was viciously attacked by his son.  Gus stabbed him and then killed himself. The best thing you can do to help a moody child is to ensure he or she gets evaluated and treated for mental health disorders.  Keep in mind that a very small percentage of children with mental health illnesses are violent. Their ability to make smart choices is impeded.