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Low mood at times like these, the expression “You never know what you have until it’s gone” is relevant to just about all of us. We are stuck at home, can’t see our friends and extended family except by internet, and can’t go to our favorite places. Classes and graduation ceremonies are being held online, and various facilities are being closed indefinitely.

Low Mood


Low mood everything has changed.

The question is: How are teens dealing with this quarantine crisis? They have a lot more free time now than before, time that they have to fill. Some use social media, others use video games, and read; essentially, much the same things they did before taking up more of their day. 

Low mood teens

You might think it would be a dream come true. For some, though, it’s not. Being stuck at home with your family can be stressful. Monotony, lack of privacy, inability to see peers except through the internet… it can take a toll on any mind, let alone a young one. This situation can easily lead to worsening depression. Fortunately, the parents and guardians of these teens can help to make it better.

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Firstly, encourage (don’t force) them to video call friends and loved ones. Humanity is a social species and seeing someone’s face through video chat can help us deal with feelings of loneliness.
Second, add some diversity to your family’s day. Even if they love to play video games, it might not be a good idea to spend all day on Fortnite.

Low mood gives them space

Set aside time to be together as a family, be it for exercise, even family meals, or movie nights. Make it something fun! This next one is, in some ways, the opposite advice, but just as important: Give them time alone. Everybody needs time to unwind after social interaction. Even if that interaction is with your own family.

You can easily get pumped up socially. Unfortunately, It is possible when you’re stuck in the same place with the same people for days. This can be bad for your mental health. Plus, more importantly, teens need time to be able to talk to their friends without their parents looking over their shoulder.

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Low mood 

While everything is online now. School classes, and events. Because at least this is their forte, right. As a result they don’t need you involved, right? Think again. While it’s a bad idea to be the overbearing parent. Under certain circumstances, of course, a teen wants to know that you care enough to be a part of their life.


Help them with homework if you can, attend their virtual graduation ceremony, do anything you can to show them that they have your support in these difficult times. As time goes by, everyone will get used to this new temporary normal. When that happens, stress levels might decrease, and the risk of depression could, too. In the meantime, though, it’s important that we reduce the risk of adverse impacts on everyone’s mental health.