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That Jordan!

Michael  Jordan Shoes does a lot for children. He works with Boys and Girls Club of America, UNCF College Fund, the Special Olympics, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and those are just a few of the charitable organizations he’s made an impact on. Yet sadly his sneakers create great argument and fights amounts people.

Michael Jordon Shoes

Michael  Jordan Shoes

But, sadly, today’s teens appeared to be more obsessed with Jordan’s tennis shoes than his good deeds. because of many fights and people getting hurts stores all over carry out a plan using randomly raffle ticket to see who gets to buy the shoe. ”  Michael Jordan shoe is set to drop this weekend and as stores get ready for the big launch by handing out tickets, things can get at-times a bit crazy. Below is the full story of what happen recently at Finish Line outside the Franklin Park Mall”.  

Michael Jordon Shoes

That’s right Nike shoes 

The Columbia Air Jordan 11 (also known as the “Legend Blue”) made its retail début on December 20, 2014. Back in 1996, Jordan wore the original version of this shoe in NBA All-Star Game. Today, though, the new shoes are more about showing off than stepping up on the court. One pair will cost you around two hundred dollars, assuming you can withstand waiting in line for days to snag them.

Michael Jordan Shoes

In Miami, Air Jordan lovers spent nearly a week camped out in front of a shoe store trying to get a pair of their own. Fights broke out, verbal arguments, and the police even had to get involved. In Toledo, police actually had to use pepper spray when shoe buyers trampled barricades and pushed officers to the ground. crystallakemixing.com. In Houston, glass doors  shattered at one mall, while shots rang out at another mall across town.

Sadly, this is something we have actually come to expect every time a new pair of Air Jordan’ released and parent are questioning is it worth it.

  • Why all that for a shoes?

Why are teens so drawn to materialistic things as a pair of shoes. That they would be willing   put themselves at risk.  Why do our kids need a battle plan to buy a pair of shoes? Why are they so obsessed with having these shoes in the first place?

Until we have answers to those questions, we won’t see anything different the next time a new pair of Air Jordan’s hits store shelves. So, sit down and talk to your kids. Let the change start with you. Tell your children fighting and argument all that for shoes it not tolerated.