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Not Selfish Just be Yourself. Take care of yourself doesn’t mean you are being selfish. Focus on being your own person. Many people who do so realize that spending time focusing on themselves is not such a selfish idea. For this reason, it is necessary. Being happy with yourself starts with changing your mindset. As a matter of fact, each person has a unique character that’s just waiting to be shared with the world. You are not selfish. Although society has parameters that show us how to live, walk, and talk, do what makes you happy!

Not Selfish

 Just be you…Not Selfish

Society’s clones go so far as to tell you what to wear. They dictate what we can eat and listen to in order to fit in. Do we need to have common interests in order to get along with other people? No. The truth is we don’t. Common interests do bring people together. They help break the ice, but beyond that, they shouldn’t be the defining element that keeps people together. That’s where your own character comes into play.

Inspirational video to help you see: Being happy with yourself is a necessity.

You Are Not Selfish—Recognize Your Quirks

Listen, we all have them. Embrace them! First, remember, if you have friends who don’t appreciate all of you, even the not-so-cool bits, shrug it off. Those quirks don’t define your character. They add to it.

Recognize Your Core Values and Morals

Everyone has a set of values and morals that make up who that person is. They reflect how you think and how you feel life should be lived. It’s not always easy to recognize at first, but finding what your core values are will help you to be the “real you.”

Let go of what other people think of you

People automatically try to put you in a negative light. Perhaps for them, it’s easier that way. But it is easier said than done. Let go of what the people who don’t matter think of you. What truly matters is how you see yourself—how you wish to be and what you are doing in order to get there.

Just be yourself, not selfish

Do you ever wonder what you can do to bless the world in some way?

Many people have been taught to be unselfish and always think of others first. This is an excellent ideal to strive toward. But it makes your own peace of mind and happiness dependent on other people. Your happiness lies in your own hands, not the people around you. They can and do add to your daily joy. But at the end of the day, you have the ultimate power over how you choose to feel.

When You’re Unselfish, Life Looks Brighter

If you’re thoughtful and kind, on the positive side, you can never go wrong. But every now and then, you’ll have to stand up for yourself. No matter how much you change yourself for other people, you can’t make everyone happy. Change yourself for the right reasons: the kind come from understanding who you really are. As a result, being happy with yourself should be an easier goal to reach.