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Past behavior.

Parents Stop Focusing and Keep Kids in Mind. Living in the present moment is one of the most difficult things in life that we must all learn. Our children are here because of our choices. The moment we take the time to honor them it’s for the better. We must be able to move past our hurt feelings. Focus on the happy times with your child: a walk in the park and playing ball.Do you remember late-night walking and pacing with that colicky baby who just couldn’t sleep? As tired as you were, you got in the car and drove around the block several times.

Keep kids in mind 

Parents Stop Focusing

Parents Stop Focusing on the Past: Keep Kids in Mind

Stop Dwelling on Your Child’s Faults “My child can never be wrong.” How many parents think like this. Only to become angry and ashamed when proven wrong? Kids are not perfect. Accept your children’s flaws and shortcomings. We are better able to be fully present and appreciative of all the good things around us at that moment in time. If you have teenagers, you will understand they are constantly in a state of worry about everything but the present moment.

Parents Stop Focusing on the Past and Keep Kids in Mind.

They worry about conversations in the past, fret about the future, and tend to believe every day is the same and without flavor.  It is our job to support and be there in good and trying times. Family is first through thick and thin, always there in times of need. Mothers and fathers should work to continue to strengthen the family by focusing on the positive present.

Parents stop focusing on what is wrong.

Parents Stop Focusing on the Past: Keep Kids in Mind

Parents Stop Focusing on the Past: Keep Kids in Mind

If you live in the present moment, really live in it.  You are allowing the future to handle itself. The life that you have today is full of little opportunities to enjoy your friends. To notice something you never noticed before, and to create something unique and special that day. You cannot take back words that were said in anger at your teen. Live in a memory that was bliss, either. All you have today, this moment.  Live today. Stop focusing on the argument you had or the negative things your child did. Your child needs your time right now. The past is history.

Parents Stop Focusing on the Past: Keep Kids in Mind

Focusing on the Past: Keep Kids in Mind

If your teenager is depressed

Parents, focus less on your adolescent’s past behavior. When you live not only like there is no tomorrow but like there is no past behind you, you can have a moment charged with possibility and joy.

Parents Stop Focusing

Encourage your children to go outside, look at the sky, enjoy the blue. That shade will never happen again. Tell them to enjoy the rain clouds or sunset overhead because they’ll see the world around them with better clarity. Remind them to notice the breeze, the smells, the smiles—each of us is a part of all this.

And if you are a depressed teen You are, at this moment, only what you are now. You are nothing that came before. That is powerful because it enables you to create your future however you choose to mold it. You are a being of infinite possibility at this moment. What will you do?