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Safety of your youth should be a number one priority. Especially the last couple of decades. Due to extensive media coverage focus on Preachers and children. Trust is hard. We have become aware of many cases of abuse involving children.  To light hordes of victims began to surface. In each case exposing these “leader of the flock” for their dishonesty. The facts that Kids are being meddle. Reality is that these offenses continues to being committed to individuals. We confess our sins and turn to for advice and guidance.  Trust  our beloved youth around Preachers without thinking twice. Quotes from Nora ‘the wounded recognized the injured”

Trust is hard and your child safety depends on feel safe

Broken Trust

Our child and their safety depend on us. Many children from all over the world have lost their innocence and childhood. Taken from them by a person who represents the representative of a holy person. The preachers’ quotes on each occasion consist of nothing but denials, lies, and justifications. According to John Paul Warren. “Let the world know what you live for…not what you fall for!” The church is not the only focus of scrutiny and condemnation.  For this heinous crime against our youth taken place “Beware you be not swallowed up in [worldly] books.” John Wesley. Stephen Collins an actor got away from charges.

Trust is hard and your child safety depends on feel safe

Trusting others is hard your child safety should be a priority.

Accusing him of years of systematic abuse toward young girls. The artist had known for his role as a preacher on the whole some family series “7 heaven”. Since the release of this information to the public so many accusations against real “men of God” taken place. No one was surprise at the allegations against the actor. America is hurt, astonished, and disappointed. is hard and your child safety depends on feel safe.

Your child safety.

Minster in Florida Darrell Gilyard crossed the boundaries of his place in the church. Convicted offender, kept hidden from everyone his life, including the church. While these allegations of withholding information investigated against the pastor. He was allowed to minister to the adults in the church. The children prohibit from attending during his leadership.

  • Hiding Integrity

Pastor Eddie Long went into hiding after similar allegations. He came out about intruding behaviors towards teenage boys. Bishop Long did indeed emerge and face public scrutiny.  Charges against him, he remains in the church. “Men cloth” are not exempt and the level of their integrity makes us think of them as infallible.

Trusting others is hard your child safety should be top priority.

Preachers are Human that will makes mistakes and will be accountable just like us. Given our trust due to their position should not give the right to abuse the privilege. It’s hard to rebuild young lives when trust is broken some teen’s battle with depression.  Be aware of who care are around your child. Secrets hiding places is not always in the church. As the Good Book says, “…So be as shrewd as snakes and as gentle as doves.” Matthew ten verses sixteen. Simple mean to Protect and prevent leaders to use their powers to abuse innocence lives. They will be made accountable for their actions. Parents should advocate for the good of the children. How do you protect your child? Leave comment below.