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Single moms homes in America has increased in the past years.   Leaving these mothers feeling stress and depressed. She can even go as far as being resentful of her children and the world. Being a parent can be overwhelming at times. Feelings of being non appreciative. All alone and stressed one can become depressed.There are numberous  factors that can increase the chances of a  mom to not get depressed. While caring for her mental ill child.

Single moms how they handle depression in their child



Moms usually bear the main responsibility of raising their children. A report cited by Greg Kaufmann in the 2012 article for The Nation, shows that “most single moms in the US spend more time working  and yet have a higher degree of poverty than their peers in other developed nations.” these singles often  neglect their health due to their responsibilities. 


Some are even afraid of losing their kids. If they share their daily difficulties.

Single moms, depression. 

Seek medical help.

Do not let feelings of sadness turn to depression. Seek help immediately. Talk  to someone you trust. The same care you give your child. Don’t neglect yourself. Set aside your pride and take all the support that people are offering you.

Single Moms
  • Activities that can relieve stress.

Get your kids involved in activities that you both can enjoy. Mentoring  program that will help to educate  you both. Can create a lasting bond between you and your child.  Allow your children to feel comfortable to talk to you. Can alleviate your stressful feelings. Exercise such as a simple walk can do wonders for your mood. Mental illness can be a challege for any parents. Especially if they feels alone without a supportive partner. Mothers, your child Health  should be taken seriously. But remember parents your health  should not be overlook.