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The struggles

Single mothers according to recent data there are more than 1.8 million single parent households  In the Uk alone and more than 13 million in the US. There seems to be a rise. In the number of single parent households on a worldwide scale. These families have one thing in common. They face the same struggles and hardships. Unique challenges that you might have heard from your single-mom friend, but never thought about in detail.The struggles of the single mothers is challenging

The struggles of the single mothers.

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The first and perhaps most serious issue is, of course, the financial strain. Many families struggle to make it on two-parent salaries. But what has led to the single parenthood. Main findings are divorce, death or abandonment. Which can put an even greater financial stress on the parent. Many single moms wait for child support, that never comes on time or hire attorneys to pursue what should be paid. Being the sole provider of the family means that you and your child have to do some belt-tightening and learn to live on less money. Many moms will in turn volunteer. For more working hours, or start a second job to provide for their families.

The struggles of the single mothers is challenging & rewarding.

The struggles of the single mothers is challenging & rewarding.

Struggles in this life.

This will lead to the second greatest struggle of single mothers – task overload. In two-parent household, both parents will split the responsibilities and housework. When there is only one, it’s up to you to take care of the dinner, laundry, cleaning of the house, and, of course, your child. For this reason, many single mothers might feel stressed or fatigued all the time, which leads to prolonged physical and emotional exhaustion. They might start yelling more to their children, or not having enough time for quality talks with them. In turn, the children will become more frustrated and start challenging their parent’s decisions, leading to endless arguments and more stress.

The struggles of the single mothers is challenging & rewarding.

Single Parents

As a single mother, you’ll be constantly put under decision pressure. You’ll be in charge of all the tough calls, such as choosing the right school, worrying whether the new friends are bad influence, deciding whether your child is mature enough for new privileges and responsibilities. You’ll often be considered the bad guy and you might feel unappreciated by your child. This is a normal reaction, since they’re also dealing with their issues and  not be able to see things from your perspective. 


Struggle life

You would have less than their peers. Many single moms start worrying daily about the effects this situation is having on their children – financially, emotionally and mentally.

It’s also very difficult to see the change in your child’s behavior. This is especially true in cases, where one of the parents had been present at some point of the child’s life – for instance, before the separation or divorce.  Boys might become very aggressive and emotionally unavailable, after their fathers move out. Girls, however, might suffer from decreased self-esteem and develop problematic behavior. Asserting your authority as a single parent is surely a challenging task, because you also strive to show your child that you love them and you’ll never leave them.


Single mothers quotes well stated  by Mandy Hale “Single moms: You are a Doctor, a Teacher, a Nurse, a Maid, a Cook, a Referee, a Heroine, a Provider, a Defender, a Protector, a true Superwoman. Wear your cape proudly.”   These hardship are a constant part of the single mothers’ life and usually persist for years. Finding a new partner might solve some of these issues but is rarely the solution. However,  moms must know that they are not alone and that, just by being part of the family, they’re already doing a great job and helping their children become responsible adult.