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Successful People achieved because they know how to deal with others. Some individuals seem to thrive on creating chaos and strife around them. They do this by instigating negative situations. The emotions create and result from these individuals are manipulating. A perfect example would be the schoolhouse bully who antagonizes the other boys and girls to tears. Another would be the co-worker or boss who motivates everyone to scatter when they enter a room.
Successful people try to avoid Conflicts and arguments

Successful people

Regardless of the situation or the person you are dealing with, you can learn the skills. Dodge those antagonistic who seem set on making you and everyone else miserable. tips for successfully avoiding arguments.

  1. Continue to live your life 

Confronted by an argumentative person be careful. They will try to make a point to get you cursing.  ” The quality of our lives depends not on whether or not we have conflicts, but on how we respond to them” Tom Crum. This has one purpose to disrupt your peace. You must hold your head high and continue to move forward.


  1. Refuse to respond 

If sarcastic statement or if the other person is intent on starting something. Do not allow this person and their time-wasting tactics to rent space in your head.  smile and keep things moving.

  1. Pick your battles

Whether you engage in conflict or not is up to you and you alone. Walking away is always the best alternative. When you consider the negative consequences that a impulsive reaction could result in. Easy for you to look the other way.

Successfully people try to avoid Conflicts and arguments
  1. Always be kind

Remarks intended to bully you. You must not retaliate. This is the reaction the person is looking for. Smiles and kind words will not only deflect the verbal arrows. but more often than not the one doing the picking on you will give up once they realize you are not negative.


  1. Focus on your own life

By keeping your “eyes on your own paper,” you offer no ammunition to your nemesis. Unless the situation at hand has the potential for human injury or harm, you need to stay away from any situation which does not involve you. Even then jumping in is unwise; go about things the right way for the situation to protect everyone involved. Otherwise surround yourself with others who are of like mind and positive in their thinking.

Successful people deal with conflicts

There is a time to say, “Enough is enough!” You do not have to walk into the situations. Traps set by miserable individuals. You should not sacrifice your life or happiness to deal with these people. “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”  Mahatma Gandhi.  Seek out support and guidance from the many resources available to you through your school.  You are entitled to live and to be happy doing it.