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The Fairies’ can’t cure your child.

Teenage depression facts and “Myth is what we call other people’s religion, ” ― Joseph Campbell.   This quotes summon up the believes that others hold so dearly as true. The fact is there is a lot of parents who are afraid of  accepting the truth. They forever hold on to their folk story.  Which can hinder their child  from received mental illness assistance early. How ironic when a  conversation with a associate high school teacher.

15 Teenage depression facts & myth parents you can help

Reveals Teenage depression facts

She told me about a friend who had  teenagers. The parent was in denial  not ready to hear that  her teens maybe depressed, “whatever mood swings they may have, are simply adolescent transformations”, were the words of the parent. While all the teacher was trying to help this mother. Guide her so that she can make an informed decision about her son.

What is the  myth about teenage depression

But the fear and anger of the parent wouldn’t let her say anymore, or so she thought! This was when; I realized that, like many other mothers, the parent hardly knew a thing about teenage depression.

15 Teenage depression facts & myth you need to know.

  • Don’t try to point a finger at a singular cause of Teenage depression. The fact is many psychological, biological and mental factors share the blame for this phenomenon.
  • The story that depression is a white only disease is not true. A lie mental illness affect everyone regardless of race.

In the United States, it’s sadly the third leading cause of death among the 10-24 year olds. This is hinged on the fact that depressed teenagers are quick to put themselves in dangerous situations.

  •  This occurs at a 4% – 7% rate during adolescence.
  • It could possibly graduates to other mental health disorders and is as such a leading cause of disability among those over 5 years of age.
  • Teenager’s functionality is affected once depression sets in; they begin to have trouble concentrating, they lose or gain weight excessively and they have too much or too little sleep.
  • Do You have a depressed teenager? They are automatically anxious because these co-occur.
The real truth about teenage depression .
  • A fact that sexually active teenagers are at higher risks of depression.
  • Never fall for the myth that your teenager is a happy sociable child. The fact is, all those could be a facade for the depression within.
  • Depressed teenager cries frequently. Wouldn’t you think they would be too embarrassed?
True facts about teenage depression
  • They lose appetite and interest in usual activities they otherwise enjoy.
  • You or your partner may be responsible for your kid’s depression because they are hereditary.
  • 1% of the female population is depressed by the time they get to 17. A fact from a study published in Translational Psychiatry.
  • It is also true that teenage depression ratio is almost three times more in girls than boys and here is why.
  • According to brain scans, girls process emotions differently from their male counterparts. Don’t forget that females are more of emotional beings while the boys are more logical.
  • Teen girls have more social pressure than boys.
  • Girls’ hormonal changes skyrocket beyond that of boys.
  • Here is the best part: Teenage Depression is treatable! Psychotherapy works, Interpersonal Therapy and antidepressants also do the magic if religiously administered.

So, don’t feel hopeless or even try to fix them, just understand and continue to support your youth.